And they talk about ‘creeping socialism’

Looks like the creeping  let’s-just-kill-the-damn-liberals and other people-we-don’t-like movement is gaining more steam.  (h/t The Fifth Column)

South Dakota Moves to Legalize Killing Abortion Providers

Of course, good moral citizens have been gunning down abortion providers for some time. Now some fine congress critters in South Dakota would just like to make it nice and legal.

It is not crazy to expect this sort of thing will spread. Were anyone to propose such a thing 30 years ago, there would have been a collective gasp of shock and horror across the country. Today, it will barely cause a ripple. Cultures change and we are changing.

Eliminationism – in language and actions – has become more visible over the last few years. Much more on the subject can be found here in the first installment of an astonishing bit of work – a ten-part series by David Neiwert on eliminationist tendencies and language throughout history with emphasis on today.

Definition from the Wikipedia link above: Eliminationism is the belief that one’s political opponents are a cancer on the body politic that must be excised — either by separation from the public at large, through censorship or by outright extermination — in order to protect the purity of the nation.

22 responses to “And they talk about ‘creeping socialism’

  1. How about a Federal making it legal to kill legislators who promote laws making it legal to murder anyone whose lifestyles or beliefs they disagree with?

    That’s a sick bunch of motherfuckers in South Dakota – legislators and citizens who support this kind of insanity.


  2. …Federal law…


    • Not to worry, I can read throught typos, especially my own! There are also a sick bunch of motherfuckers here in The Sunshine State and they’re feeling their oats these days.


  3. I picked up that little item myself today. This world is freakin’ getting crazier by the minute., or maybe I’m just paying more attention. Which ever, it’s enough to give me the vapors some days.


  4. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    There was an interesting piece on Rachel Maddow last night discussing the fact that we have become an “intimination.” She talked about two doctors who want to open an abortion clinic in Wichita, the first one to open since Dr. Tiller was murdered. Apparently the right to lifers have targeted them and are doing every thing in their power to stop the doctors, including passively encouraging violence by putting their faces and personal information on wanted posters. They constantly spout off about protecting life, yet openly promote violence against those who do not share their beliefs. They are hypocrites to the umpteenth degree!


    • They are getting away with those posters again? That’s the equivalent of conspiracy to murder – it’s really time law enforcement moved in on these clowns.


      • But Sarah Palin can do gunsights on politicians, so why can’t these people, who are probably her fans, do little ol’ wanted posters? Gee whiz…


        • Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

          Oh come on now, those aren’t gunsights.They’re geographical landmark symbols. Haven’t you been paying attention? Does anyone else’s BS detector go off when she talks, or is it just me?


  5. “…encouraging violence by putting their faces and personal information on wanted posters…” is not a passive act. It is, given the climate and the mentality of these anti-life anti-abortionists, an incitement to murder.


  6. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    LOL, you’re right though; there is nothing passive at all about inciting violence in any way, shape or form. Poor choice of words on my part.


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  9. Killing one’s political opponents. Soon to be legal.

    Wow. Welcome to Fascism, everyone.


  10. I believe that killing someone for performing a federally mandated act is in itself criminal and punishable by law. After reading about this some more, I’m beginning to believe that the KKKristian Reich is feeling kind of left out since the Tea partiers have had the media’s attention since August 2009.

    This is merely a smoke and mirrors game aimed at causing a controversy that could never pass legal muster.


    • “KKKristian Reich ” – oh that’s good! I like that one Kay.

      I love the idea of them having thier little feelings hurt cuz they lost the limelight – however, your congress has already been bothering itself with matters around abortion and ‘defining rape down’.


  11. What is needed…OK this may sound esoteric is – Active Scrutiny – blogging is cool, hell I am a blogger, but how much darkness can these fools perpetrate in public, if there are large public groups watching them…I mean physically present – standing on the sidewalk in front of anything they want to tear down – observing – no signs, no threats, no vocalization…watching them…?

    Most crimes are preventable, if there are actual witnesses present…

    Just A Thought…


    • A powerful thought poet. A powerful one. After all, it was passive resistance and Quaker-style witnessing that won the day in the Civil Rights era.

      People in the streets ended the Vietnam War.

      A powerful thought. Maybe bloggers could drive a campaign to finance some folks to go to Kansas. (There must be people in Kansas who are thilnking this way?)


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