Will someone explain the funny please?

This is from the website Big Government, love child of Andrew Breitbart (and his ego) who just entertained CPAC audiences with his bombast. It is apparently a ‘cartoon’.

14 responses to “Will someone explain the funny please?

  1. Sorry but it’s humor is lost on me.


  2. I think I know people who would find it uproariously funny, but I don’t.


  3. Do nasty racist retrocons have senses of humor? This is so middle school!


  4. This has no humor, no irony, nada. Wonder what else he thinks is funny.


  5. For a cartoon to be funny, it has to have some kernel of truth to it. This “cartoon” is neither funny nor truthful. It’s very thinly disguised racism, something I’d expect from the post-Civil War era, not 2011. As a cartoonist myself, I’m disgusted.


  6. 1) Every black woman is, at her core, a glutton. (Note the subtlety of not actually using the names “Oprah” or “Aunt Jemimah.”)
    2) Obama’s ears are roughly the size of dinner plates, as “those people” have absurd proportions.
    3) Limp-wristed Obama is the consumer of such effete fare as arugula and cucumber salad.
    Is high comedy beyond the reach of you dirty hippies?


  7. I guess in right wing circles name calling is what is considered humorous. Thanks for clearing that up desertscope.


  8. I think they should put a football helmet over those big ears because President Obama totally punted on entitlement reform with his new budget . Every politician in Washington knows what has to be done . They also know that whoever goes first, gets slaughtered by the other side. Well Obama the meek decided not to go first in proposing real cuts . Okay, House Republicans are proposing real reforms to control the deficits .

    Now we will see if Obama is serious about saving the country or is he all about using the Republican cuts to win points with the old people and his left wing base . Any bets ?


  9. Ms. Holland,

    I do not find it funny . I also do not find it racist . I’ve seen similar cartoons mocking Bush. The only thing I will give you that I did not see before, I did not see Laura Bush attacked to the same extent as Michelle Obama.

    Here is the big however. I believe Mrs. Obama is a legitimate target because she put political pressure on businesses to change how they do their business. Once you go beyond just encouraging kids to eat better and try to force people to do what you think is good for them, then you are open to this type of stuff .


  10. Again I agree it’s not funny, but I’m not sure its racist.

    The most charitable interpretation of this kind of “humor” I think is that it is about suggesting the Obama’s are self absorbed hypocrites who are desire to impose their standard of piety on others, but aren’t always willing to keep to themselves.

    I see a lot complaints about Michelle’s expensive shoes while the Obama administration attacks the excesses of the well-to-do. Similar complaints are made about costly restaurants meals. The report of the trip to India with friends supposedly at government expense is another.

    Most of these things are exaggerated, and in any case, let’s face it Presidents live a lifestyle a bit above most of us. I think its stupid be surprised or upset about that.

    Personally I have no problem with the first lady campaigning against obesity either. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Finally, some people who like this sort of things likely do so for racist reason, but I don’t think all do.


  11. brucetheeconomist ,

    ” Personally I have no problem with the first lady campaigning against obesity either. It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. ”

    You keep missing the point . Mrs. Obama can do all the do gooder campaigning she wants. I don’t care . When she lobbies food providers to change their business she brings the veiled threat of her husband’s power to bear . Then she is open for partisan push back . When she threatens taxes on ” unhealthy food ” then she deserves all the push back she gets .


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