Don’t need those kids to live too long

Even I've got my priorities straighter than that!

At CPAC, Haley Barbour just bragged that Mississippi is the safest place in America for an unborn child. He didn’t dare mention it’s the most dangerous place in America for a born child.

Per thousand rates put Barbour’s state a proud 1st among the fifty in infant mortality. Brag on Haley! (Who’s doing the best job in keeping their born babies alive? Why, that would be the liberal hellhole of Massachusetts.)

Earlier they were all excited denouncing government ‘investment’ proposals. Barbour said ‘can’t borrow your way to prosperity”. But of course, that’s what successful businesses have to do all the time – it’s the only way they can grow their companies, their sales and thus their revenues. Standing still is how you commit suicide.

5 responses to “Don’t need those kids to live too long

  1. I really wish I had time to do a statistical analysis on this sort of thing. When I was in the Army, I was often on duty with absolutely nothing going on. At work, we only had access to the classified intertoobs. About the only interesting thing available was the CIA World Factbook. Over many boring nights, I graphed out some quality of life indicators as a function of births-per-female. Except for a couple of outliers (the U.S. and a few oil dictatorships), the correlation was astonishing:
    High births per female was a strong indicator of high infant mortality, low life expectancy, low per capita GDP, and high crime rate.
    Low births per female correlated to low infant mortality, high life expectancy, high per capita GDP, and low crime rate.

    I only wish I had been able to export that data.


    • Our friends don’t like contraceptives or condoms either. They’ll preach against them in developing countries – eternal childbearing is a sure road to low quality of life. When we control the number of births, we can take better care of those we have, educate them and feed them well.

      I beleive that while many many well meaning people are sincerely anti – abortion, those who drive that movement are really just pissed off at ‘uppity women’.


    • Been meaning to tell you, I’ve tried to comment at your place twice but have been unsuccessful.


  2. I wish many of those who opposed abortion also opposed poverty and poor public health with the same fervor.


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