Where’s my foot? I need to shoot it.

Aaaahhhh . . . Just looking at this thing depresses me so much I’ve not the energy to search up a proper link. Happily Paul Krugman did.


(via Krugman h/t Digby)

11 responses to “Where’s my foot? I need to shoot it.

  1. Yep.. and it’s what politicians have been preaching for too long.. less taxes, more benefits and debt don’t matter.
    And it doesn’t – for a while.
    So what will Boehner do? Raise taxes? Add debt? Cut benefits?

    It finally boils down to realities.
    And time is working on the side of facts and logic.


  2. boy are we gonna have interesting next two years!

    The poll goes against the heart of the Tea Party credo….


  3. I have been pushing that point hard over at the Dog!

    Go Moe!


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  5. Raising some taxes and dedicating the revenue to paying the debt itself has to happen. WE can’t legislate it away get there by ‘cutting spending’ – that in theory could help with the deficit but wouln’dt make a dent in the debt.


    • Unless we cut spending by $2 trillion 🙂
      Then $0.5tr a year could go to paying debt.

      But as the cuts on the table are 32 or 58 billion.. and invisible on the deficit, the debt will be $17 trillion in two years, and $20 trillion in just four years.
      Four years is not a long time.


      • Listening to a bit of CPAC – they’re all excited about denouncing the ‘investment’ proposals. They say that you ‘can’t borrow your way to prosperity”. But of course, that’s what successful businesses have to do all the time – it’s the only way they can grow their companies, thier sales and thus their revenues. The thing that’ll kill us faster than anything is standing still.


  6. Ah, poor little liberals. You know polls can be manipulated to say anything . If you are right, then you have nothing to worry about . Tax and spend and spend Democrats will take back power in Congress and in the state governments they lost . The states are where the real experiment will play out .

    Illinois just raised it’s taxes. It should be interesting how that plays out in comparison to nearby states who cut spending instead . Or states like California and New York where government unions run the governments .

    Oh, by the way on the national level, real deficit reduction will not take place until we deal with SS and Medicare . Actually a liberal Democratic President could make a deal with a Conservative Republican House to no longer use entitlements as political footballs . To actually make SS and Medicare solvent. There were rumors of that happening between Clinton and Gingrich before the Lewinski scandal stopped it .


    • You’ll deny it of course Alan, but Pew is the most rigorous, reputable and scientific of all the polling outfits out there. Their track record is stupendous. Groups like Gallup and the media organizations aren’t usually as reliable.

      Take a look at the poll itself – as you would say “I dare you to find fault with it.”

      (PS – EVeryone knows and admits that SS and Medicare are a big problem, Medicare much more than SS which can be made self financing. But I wasn’t talking about the deficit, I was talking about the debt and how to retire it.)


  7. Ms. Ho0lland,

    It is silly to talk about retiring the debt until you stop adding to it . There are only two way to do that, Period. Stop spending or increase revenue . Now to a Liberal increasing revenue means raising taxes . But contrary to Liberal beliefs, raising taxes shrinks the private economy, after some tipping point . And raising taxes on the rich especially shrinks the private economy.

    If an investor is up against an income limit that will throw him into a higher tax bracket he will not do the deal. Less economic activity, less taxable income, less revenue to the government . You can see it easier with the states . People move out of high tax states and into nearby states with lower rates . In Pa, until the recent real estate bust we saw tax refugees from New York and New Jersey all of the time . The folks worked or got their pensions from those states, but lived and spent their money in Pa .

    The only polls that count are elections . We will see who howls the loudest when the cuts bite, the payers or those on the public dole . At the state level the voters know you do not get something for nothing . The federal level is still filled with idiots who think Obama will just take money from his secret stash and take care of them .

    ” EVeryone knows and admits that SS and Medicare are a big problem, Medicare much more than SS which can be made self financing. ”

    That is not what you have said before . Whenever I bring it up you always deny the problem . SS and Medicare will take care of you and maybe me. That IS it . Everyone behind us is royally screwed and unlike your generation, they know it . At some point when I am going in my depends in the nursing home, the younger generation will be thinking Dr. Kevorkian would be a good solution for me .


    • Alan, taxes are going to have to be raised. That debt is real. We spent the friggin money and we are expected to pay it back. And we don’t have the money to do that and run our coutnry as well. So we need some taxes to address the debt.

      We can’t play ‘pretend country’ anymore. We have almost 400 million people who live, eat, work and die here. That’s a lot of paperwork!

      I heard John Boehner this am on one of the Sunday boblehead shows – he talks in bumper stickers. Not a single substantive offer. Obama is required to put out an entire budget tomorrow but the Republcian leader only has to say it’s not good enough. Cool deal.

      By the way, Alan I have never denied the problems; I disagree with all the scare talk about SS – it is sustainable if we reexamine the model once in a while. And I’ve always said that Medicare is not sustainable – not until we have a Medicare for all type system.

      Right now, only the first $123K or something of a salary is subject to SS. That’s just nuts. We either raise that to $500K or means test the sucker. Problem solved.

      Medicare? Not so easy because neither side has the political will to do the only thing that will be affordable. So that’s the one that will sink our little ship.


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