Well, he did get the Central Park skating rink back on track

Donald Trump might run for President.

“Advisers to Mr. Trump say that he will decide by June whether to go forward with a Republican presidential bid. The timing is built around his television program, “The Apprentice,” which is scheduled to end by June.”

Elvis help us.

3 responses to “Well, he did get the Central Park skating rink back on track

  1. Stumbled over from I Tried Being Tasteful, cause texastrailertrash has such good taste.

    You’ve made my day. Not only would a Trump run light up my world, but it would be even better if he and Palin doubled up on a ticket. Bristol, who’s decided to enter politics herself, could be Sec’y of Health and Human Services (she’s had health; I call that experience). Todd would be Sec’y of Transportation (that snow mobile, dog mushing gig qualifies him). And Ivana, whom I am certain would accept the appointment and be outstanding in it, would be Sec’y of Treasury.

    And, for two years I’ve been trying to think of an appropriate substitute for the Southernism, “Lord, hay-ulp!” You’ve given me just the thang. Elvis works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform.

    I’ll be back, with pleasure.


    • Welcome Nance and thanks! Our mutual friend Texas brightens many a day for me; she’s fun and funny. Glad you like my choice of ‘diety’. Texas and The Apostate’s Chapel have taken it up. We have a meme going – spread the word!


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