Stats spike: Bartcop hearted me!

I had a cheap thrill just now. Went to my site stats and saw 511 visits for today! Ahh, I thought, as I turned to sing love songs to my mirror, I am the cookies I am. But then I looked a little further. Sigh, my ego blushed red when I saw that 329 of those came from a single place. So my army of newbies came, looked, and left. Easy come. It happened because I emailed a comment to Bart, the proprietor at  yesterday (an oldie but goodie). Today he posted a link.

7 responses to “Stats spike: Bartcop hearted me!

  1. I’m delighted to make it one more visit my dear.


  2. lol…I know what you mean Moe. Everyone once in a while you hit the right tag, and they come by the droves. I hit over 6 thou one day. I cannot figure out how to recreate it however! …I’m trying to go to but am having no success for some reason.


    • 6 thou? Holy elvis! My biggest day was 1700+ when I got featured on Freshly Pressed. AT bartcop you don’t get to commment, you have to email Bart and there are links sprinkled thoughout his posts. That was the first time I ever did that so I was pretty amazed to see my link up the next day.

      As for bartcop, I just tried too and couldn’t get there – but he’s been blogging since 1996, so I imagine it’s a tech prob and they’ll be back up shortly.


  3. Good for you!

    I’m glad to add another number!……


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