My sentiments exactly

 RJ Matson, Roll Call  via

4 responses to “My sentiments exactly

  1. The rethuglicans suffer from two maladies….utter forgetfulness of what they said yesterday, and the belief that whatever they said is instantly incinerated and cannot be brought back up to them in the future when they say the exact opposite thing. Drat the mimeograph, the save button, and archives! lol..Loved the cartoon.


    • The remarkable thing is thata the media seem to go along. Facts should always be challenged by media – it’s part of thier job to get hte record straight. They seem to have mixed it up iwth opinion. So a guest can say, RR was elected prez in 1964, and the host would nod.


      • Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

        Ok, I have to add a little history here. 1964 may have actually been the year that opened up the presidency to Reagan 16 years later. It was LBJ’s trouncing of Goldwater that lead to the Republican change in the way they do things. Both Goldwater and Reagan were huge factors in the formation of the “New Right,” a malady which America suffers from to this day.


  2. Absolutely – Goldwater paved the way and made Reagan possible. Goldwater, whom I remember well, had a sophisticated mind and would be horrified by the likes of Palin, and by the celebration of ignorance we seem to have going.


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