Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t ‘do’ war zones himself. There is golf to be played.

This is what he gets away with on a regular basis. This blatant dishonesty, the carelessness. is accepted by millions. He doesn’t do teh crazy like Beck, but he is an opinion leader and even in that role gets away with this stuff all the time.

The second quote below comes following the news about the FOX guys in Egypt. Same day, a few hours apart. From Limbaugh’s credibility-free zone:

“Even two New York Times reporters were detained. Now, this is supposed to make us feel what, exactly? How we supposed to feel? Are we supposed to feel outrage over it? I don’t feel any outrage over it. Are we supposed to feel anger? I don’t feel any anger over this. Do we feel happy? Well – uh – do we feel kind of going like, “neh-neh-neh-neh”?”

And then, a few hours later:

“Fox News’ Greg Palkot and crew have been severely beaten and are now hospitalized in Cairo. Now we were kidding before about The New York Times, of course. This kind of stuff is terrible. ”

Of course. (h/t Bartcop)

10 responses to “Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t ‘do’ war zones himself. There is golf to be played.

  1. See, you CAN have it both ways.


  2. I’m struck the rare time I listen to El Rushbo, how stream of conscious he is. It amazing the money he makes for pretty much phoning it in. I doubt he does much except show up and wing it for hours. I suppose that in itself is somewhat impressive.

    Still, I’m no fan, but my Dad sure is.


  3. Moe,

    I take perverse pride in the fact that I am an expert on Limbaugh, at least on his radio shtick. After more than 20 years of listening, Monday through Friday, three hours a day, I will say that the crap he pulled about the NYT’s reporters is a perfect example of what he does frequently. He will say something utterly outrageous and then pretend he was just foolin’ around, usually just foolin’ around to tweak the “drive-by” media.

    And I will have to respectfully disagree that he doesn’t do crazy like Beck. If the truth were known, he does the crazy better than Beck. Glenn Beck needs chalkboards to explain his crazy theories. For Rush’s listeners, they are all in on the grand conspiracy of liberalism, which accounts for every negative event in the political universe. It’s kind of hard to explain to someone who doesn’t tune in to his show very often, but the use of the term “dittohead” is sort of what I mean. It’s really short for, “I get it, Rush.” He doesn’t always need to connect the dots for his long-time listeners—devotees. Often, they will call in and help him with his own conspiracy!

    And my theory as to why his listeners never hold him accountable for the inconsistencies and contradictions is that conspiracists by nature don’t recognize inconsistencies or contradictions. Everything fits, don’t you know.



    • Duane: My brother is a dittohead and has been for the whole 20 or so years. We were a liberal family, of an old NYC tradition of Roosevelt Democrats. Both grandfathers, my own father and a sibling and I all were active in Democratic politics – my younger brother had differenet sensibilities, which was fine. In fact, we used to have a ball going ‘at it’ with political and sociological arguments all the time. It was great family recreation and both sides enjoyed it.

      Then came Limbaugh. And my brother hardened in his own attitudes and eventually he developed hardened attitudes toward us. WE could no longer even talk politics at family gatherings. We were liberals, we were – as he was learning – the enemy. A deep connection forged over a lifetime was lost.

      In fact he and I had an actual falling out two years ago (imagined insult on his part) and only began even speaking to each other a few months ago because we had to – our father died.

      I’m pretty sure that my own experience has been repeated thousands of times around the country.

      So glad you recovered Duane! That’s quite a road you traveled and must have taken some serious self examination.


    • Also “conspiracists by nature don’t recognize inconsistencies or contradictions” is pure and sad truth.


  4. Moe,

    Sorry to hear about your brother, but perhaps there is hope.

    I have two brothers, the older of which also succumbed to the ditto disease. In fact, he was so devoted he once went to one of Limbaugh’s traveling shows he used to do when he first began his national syndication. Fortunately, my brother has also recovered. So, all I can tell you is that though it is often an incurable disease, there are some miracles out there.



  5. So ditto heads need Limbaughtomies?


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