A random thought

The only US Presidents who raised taxes in the last 31 years were Republican.

6 responses to “A random thought

  1. I’m pretty sure that’s not correct. Didn’t Bill Clinton successfully raise taxes early in his administration? That is partially how he balanced the budget.


    • I expect you’d know better than me bruce – so now I have to double check. Of course, lots of Dems would call Bill Clinton a ‘Republican’. But I’ll look further. I do know Clinton cut the size of gov’t substantially – payroll was much smaller when they left.


  2. Ok….I’m featuring this post question at the PDog Moe….

    We’ll get a answer from there ….


  3. Per Wikipedia:
    On February 17, 1993, in a nationally televised address to a joint session of Congress, Clinton unveiled his economic plan. The plan focused on deficit reduction rather than a middle-class tax cut, which had been high on his campaign agenda.[45] (Clinton was pressured by his advisers, including Robert Rubin formerly of Goldman Sachs, to raise taxes on the theory that a smaller federal budget deficit would reduce bond interest rates.[46]) (In December 2010, Clinton defended President Barack Obama’s compromise with the Republican congressional leadership, extending the George W. Bush’s era tax cuts, which many Democrats felt unfairly favored the wealthy.[47])


    • Did he ever get to raise those taxes or just propose raising them? I do remember that with the ’94 congress, they balanced the budget and closed that deficit – for five minutes anyway 🙂


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