Special Edition! We wrapped it in pretty paper this time! Sorta!

ABC’s This Week with Christiane Amanpour and CNN’s GPS told me this morning that their shows were ‘Special Editions’ despite featuring the regular host at the regular time covering, as is the norm, the top story of the day which has in fact been top of the news since it was the top story last Sunday.

Special Edition indeed.

On Meet the Press’s own ‘Special Edition’ (yes, they did call it that), they also  covered the RR 100th birthday.

Who sends out the memo?

Pet peeve update:  CNN is still saying ‘impactful’ all the time; I don’t care if it’s a real word, it’s annoying the hell out of me.

UPDATE: CBS 60 Minutes is now on the air. It is a ‘Special Edition’, at the usual time with the usual hosts as we’ve now come to expect from anything carrying the name ‘Special Edition.‘ (This post suggests I’ve been monitoring TV all day – I haven’t. (

12 responses to “Special Edition! We wrapped it in pretty paper this time! Sorta!

  1. Good point..!
    But I still don’t understand anything about Egypt.. who’s really taking over? theocrats? and will “true” democracy work over night there? and has mubarak been bad or just the lesser evil? And does the concept of “Government” even matter in Egypt? Isn’t it run by private money and military anyways?
    All this circle-talk and romantics about “freedom” and “the people” explains so little…

    Only thing I get is that Israel is in deep trouble.
    And that the voice of the WH seems irrelevant and lagging…


    • I don’t think anyone knows mac – but I really doubt theocracy is possible in Egypt. They’re just too modern and the ‘revolution’ is about freedom and opportunity – not the sorts of things embraced by theocracies. As for the military, I hear that indeed they run the country. Mubarak, Nassar, Sadat, they all came out of hte military. But they have a draft, universal service, so at least it’s not a seperate culture – the military is hte people; the people are the military.

      I heard a few ‘realpolitik’ types over the last few days saying the the WH is playing this exactly right. Because neither they, nor us, nor the Egyptian people (including hte military) know how this is going to ocme out.

      I think it looks pretty hopeful. At least, for them, I hope so. And I wouldn’t be so sure about the Israel thing – after 30 years, the relationship between the two countries goes a hell of a lot deeper than Mubarak.


  2. I watched both “specials” and was disappointed in the way David Gregory handled his interviews. I usually like him. Watch CNBC and you’ll go nuts with their BREAKING NEWS. . . which is absolutely nothing.

    Maybe it’s time for them to let us tell THEM what’s special. So far, my list isn’t very long.

    I heard on NPR–and I hope I’m reporting correctly–that military officers receive land as part of their pay sometimes, so some of them are quite wealthy with beachfront property. A peaceful solution that allows tourism to thrive is in their interests, too.


    • marylee – well, the land thing sounds like a good idea. I have a motto of sorts (see above!), Whatever Works. And that one sounds like a win-win.

      Except for Zacharia and Anderson Cooper, I am unable to watch CNN any more – Wolf Blitzer makes my teeth hurt and they spend more time telling us how great they are than they do reporting news.

      For reporting from EGypt – or anywhere in the mid east – no one is better than Richard Engle at NBC.


    • Meant to say how I agree with you 100% about the BREAKING NEWS nonsense. It’s become a permanent fixture on the screen; it almost means ‘if we’re on the air, whatever we say is BREAKING NEWS!’.


  3. Who says “impactful” is a real word? Certainly not Merriam-Webster.


    • CNN, so far as I know, are hte only ones who say ‘impactful’ is a word. Probably their marketing dept came up with it. Watch for the use to spread. Elvis help us all.


  4. Let’s make “impactful” a real word. Use it in a sentence, please. OMG, it’s so early in the morning I’m feeling impactful.


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