The requisite Super Bowl post

and still good designers can't find work. Go figure.

Actually, I don’t do Super Bowl posts. I don’t even do football posts. But thanks to Political Irony and Bill Maher’s New Rules, I have learned there’s an angle of interest to me, an entirely new angle on this ‘ball game’ business. I learned the freaky scary truth about the NFL . They’re commies! Run-for-the-frackin’-hills!

A week ago, I posted about a New Rules bit in which Maher compared baseball and football in terms of popularity and earnings. He pointed out that football – the clear winner  – is run on a ‘take from the rich, give to the poor’ model.  The NFL, he said “put all of it [television revenue] in a big commie pot and split it 32 ways [among the teams].

We learn more from Political Irony: Take the Green Bay Packers who have won more NFL championships than any other team. How do they do this? Do they pay their players more? No! In fact, they have the lowest median salary in the NFL. Do they represent a big city? No! Green Bay (population 100,000) is the smallest city to have a major league football team. Their games always fill their stadium (which can hold 70% of the entire city population) and they have a waiting list for season tickets that could more than fill another stadium just as large.

So how do they do it? Most people don’t realize this, but the Green Bay Packers are a non-profit community-owned organization. You can buy stock in them, but it does not pay dividends, and it never increases in value. It is a worthless investment, and yet they have 112,000 shareholders (more than the population of Green Bay).

In other words, the Green Bay Packers are socialists (maybe even communists). As conservatives keep telling us, socialism never works and will destroy our economy. And yet the Green Bay Packers are consistently one of the top ten revenue generating teams in the NFL (so the socialists are supporting the capitalist teams!). According to the conservatives, taxing the successful and supporting the unsuccessful will destroy the incentive to win.

And yet the Green Bay Packers keep on winning.

In talking about baseball, Maher pointed to The Pittsburgh Pirates and how they lose their audience every year in May when it becomes clear – as it always does – that the team have no chance of making it to the World Series. They have no chance, Maher said, because the Pirates payroll is $46million and the Yankees payroll is $140million. They’re not playing in the same league. Only the rich teams get a shot at the prize.  Maher closed, saying “If you’re not in the game, you become indifferent to the fate of the game.”

 Something to keep in mind as the class divide in our country grows ever deeper.

14 responses to “The requisite Super Bowl post

  1. Speaking on economics, I will give you my honest two cents.

    Moe, I do not believe that modern day communism is plausable. A football team is a totally different matter in that the entire NFL has a salary cap.

    Here is my way of seeing things:

    Modern Communism = You have chickens. But, you and everybody else owns them, cares for them, and shares the eggs.

    This as opposed to Stalinism where the State shoots you, takes your chickens and gives the eggs to whom they will.

    Just the same – won’t work. People are selfish. They would fight amongst themselves for the eggs. I know… I use to call myself a communist, mainly because I am sick of the rich owning the chickens, me caring for the chickens, and then handing the money back to them for eggs… which they use to buy more chickens!!!

    In fact, it has occurred to me that the only form of government that we must strive towards is one that works in this way:

    You have chickens. The State takes your chickens, and hires you to care for them, giving you the eggs needed for survival.

    People who talk about communism in ways that marginalize the State make me lol. The amount of faith I have in humanity is shaped exactly like a goose egg, and there is a reason for it. People are selfish.

    I am sorry for the lecture, I do not think you a modern day socialist. A social dem, maybe… Socialist, no.


  2. One more point:

    Communism teaches that struggles and conflicts are the result of “laissez-faire”. But I say it is the opposite, Moe. Laissez-faire is the result of human struggle. When you put animals in a cage, the battle will ensue to find the pecking order. How foolish to insinuate that the end result is the cause of the battles! People have a selfish nature.

    Okay, I am done.


    • Sam: Isn’t the reality of human nature and human institutions somewhere in between? Pure communism must fail and pure capitalism must fail. Democratic socialism works pretty well and so does highly regulated capitalism – even so, either of those embraces huge elements of the other. Maybe we’re kind of socialist capitalists – some humans are selfish and many of those work to overcome it. Many other humans aren’t selfish, they are caregivers for other humans. Some people share and some people don’t. Through our institutions – like government – we work toward a balance.


  3. You make a good point, Moe.

    My only problem with “having a balance” is that it almost never is. I hate to start dropping obvious cliches here, but… A society where 10% control 90% of the wealth is far from balanced, in my opinion. Even in the most socialist of european nations, you still have discrepancy between the ruling class and the proletariat.

    I do not think regulating how far the rich can twist the knife is social justice, Moe.

    I think it is a sad compromise.


    • You’re absolutely right – and it reflects a failure on our part. We are moving closer to unregulated capitalism which is destructive and to corporate ownership of the State.. When that process is complete, that actually IS Fascism.


  4. So true, Moe. I understand the corporatist elements of fascism very well, and I reject that worldview – who but a rich man would not?

    I think I have had my silly fun and will go back to my old handle.

    You should hear what I told to Pino. He said something derogatory about Planned Parenthood, and I went off on how we should open up “government homes” for women in need – in place of abortion. How the babies should be sent to “youth camps”. How we should train them for battle – sending the males to the front lines and the females to weapons factories…all the while voicing my support for his worldview.

    I think he caught on already. Har


  5. wow…I didn’t know that about the Packers!…..

    by the way…..

    I think the Greenbay Packers are going to win since the Steelers just got away with a win against the Jets…..


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  7. And the socialists are the winners!


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