I iz teh stupid, I iz

He-l-l-o-o . . . over here!

I have apparently forgotten how to use a regular phone which, upon reflection, is like forgetting how to tie shoes. My new MagicJack works just like a regular  old phone, but I keep treating it like a cell – punching in the number without first getting a dial tone and then looking for a ‘send’ key. There’s a pick up/hang up button on this phone (cuz it’s cordless) – I find myself hitting the ‘hang up’ multiple times, like I sometimes have to do with the cell. Then I put the phone down and it’s ‘off the hook’ as we used to say.

This can’t be normal.

6 responses to “I iz teh stupid, I iz

  1. I thought about getting a magic jack. But instead what I did is download the google talk plug-in. I can call anywhere in the U.S for free on my gmail page. And if someone wants to call me, they can call me at home. Best of all, it’s free.


    • I’m liking the Magic Jack for lots of reasons. Call anywhere, no limits, AND I can put an actual phone on my desk and in the kitchen. Quality is terrific. And of course I can get incomoing calls. And I don’t have to be at a website to use it – I can surf while I”m on the phone.

      The only downsides, neither of which is much of a problem, is the laptop has to be on for the phone to work, and I have to dial the area code on every call. But there is a ‘speed dial’ function available from my desktop at all times.

      So do you just plug a phone into a port?


  2. LOL, welcome to the 21st Century, Moe. Since I’ve had my iPhone Touch, I’m flicking the screen on the Walmart credit card machine when I should be pressing buttons!


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