Somebody cover Bill Moyers’ eyes!

When Bill Moyers retired from PBS, that network looked around for ‘talent’ and settled on Newsweek editor Joh Meacham (or, as he’s often snarkily called in the blogsphere, Parson Meacham).  PBS saw wide eyes and a sober facial expression and detected gravitas. (Like all of us who are aging, PBS could use some glasses.) But what PBS missed is that Meacham is  a true villager –  proud of his place in the media firmament, certain he belongs there and admiring of his fellows who occupy that little land with him.

I just saw him on Morning Joe  playing the sidekick and chuckling at all the schoolboys antics of the regulars.  That’s some gravitas alright.

10 responses to “Somebody cover Bill Moyers’ eyes!

  1. Honey check title of this post? Boyers? who dat?


  2. I work tonight, 6:45 PM to 7:45 AM


  3. I like Jon Meacham, but Bill Moyers was in a class of his own. (I can’t imagine why anyone who wants to be taken seriously would be on Morning Joe.)

    Odd, isn’t it, that the south can raise some pretty intelligent news people–Meacham, Moyers, Charlie Rose, David Brinkley, etc., but southern politicians? Yikes!


    • Not only newspeople marylee, just think of the literature that comes out of the South – starting with Faulkner.

      (I adore David Brinkley, one of the best minds we have.)


  4. Well….well…well….Hello Moe…..

    I just dropped in to say hello…

    Nice site you have here…I’ll have to drop in more often since you are so highly recommended by t&p……

    The Dog…..
    I’ll add you to my blogroll…..


    • And well, well, well, and look who’s here! Someone else hightly recommended by our friend.

      Blogrolls dittos and visit whenever you like. (I have visited but not commented by the way).


  5. actually you did way back when…..

    I’m happy you’re here……

    and I will visit and post you up from time to time…..


    • Glad you popped back because I was interrupted yesterday as i was about to add you to the blogroll – and of course I forgot! (I would have remembered eventually, but . . . ) Anywya, you’re up now!


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