I got MagicJack, I got MagicJack, I got Magic . . .

I’ve had ‘get MagicJack‘ on my to-do list for far longer than pride will allow me to admit. A long time. But I finally managed to stop by Radio Shack and acquire one.

For someone who’s lived with only a cell phone in a neighborhood with a capricious signal and a house with that gets all moody about microwaves, it’s liberating. I’m not one who spends much time on the phone so the cell has really been enough – except for those moments when I really need to  make a call at my desk, no matter how many bars show on the phone.

Painless install and so far, so good. I now have two working cordless phones (resurrected from a closet at friend Ed’s – thanks Ed), voice mail, caller ID – all the usuals – unlimited of course because it’s through my cable. And it’s $20 a year. Quite remarkable actually.

10 responses to “I got MagicJack, I got MagicJack, I got Magic . . .

  1. Quite remarkable actually.

    Funny thing, the market.

    And all those union workers slaving away for the phone company go without milk and porridge for their children tonight. But at least you get good reception at your desk.

    I wonder, why do you hate phone company workers?


  2. I’ve had a Magic Jack since they first came out, like you I only have a cell so it’s a great second phone for me. Welcome to the club.


  3. When I saw the headline I thought you’d been listening to the Platters again, you know, found another guy…



  4. Told ya, told ya. I like Ric’s comment. I’m looking for the magic also.


  5. We use Magic Jack too- love it, though need to figure out how to change the voice mail message since I’ve been informed that they changed it to a big ad recently lol


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