Stuff you get in email

Add together the last two digits of the year you were born to the age you will be this year. It will equal 111.

Why? Fer elvis’ sake, someone explain why before my head explodes!

(h/t Jane)

12 responses to “Stuff you get in email

  1. Because it’s 2011.


  2. If this were the year 100, and you were 60, then that would mean you were born in 40.

    Also, if you drop the “last two digits” part, then it would be rather more obvious in that the sum would be 2011. Starting year + number of anniversaries = finishing year.

    Also, if you were 112, then the year you were born would be 1899, with a result of 211. Not so perfect, is it?


  3. Whew, an answer.Not that I understand it. YOu mean it won’t work in 2012? No… will be 112. I guess every year adds a year? Okay, I don’t have to kill Mo for making my head hurt now. I can slip off to the weekend with no more worries.


  4. ..or turn it around.. take 2011 – substract your age – and guess what?! You get your year of birth!!


  5. So, basically, the “last two digits” bit is just a misdirection. One is duped into thinking there’s a clever trick going on when it’s nothing of the sort.


    • Plain math – exactly. But the math illiterate like me, always amazed that even numbers added up yield other even numbers, saw Armageddon on the horizon with this one. 666!!!!


      • The fact that, for this year only, the result of the trick yields a somewhat weird number like 111 – three identical digits, for Elvis’ sake – may enhance the trick a bit. If it had yielded 112 (as it will next year) or 113 (as it will the year after next), you might have seen through it more easily.

        BTW, I was never bothered by the fact that adding two even numbers yielded an even-numbered sum. What struck me as weird was the fact that adding two odd numbers yielded an even-numbered sum.


        • Well, it all amazed and puzzled me – I remain to this day as mathematically inept as I was first time my little fingers froze up over the first exercise . . .


  6. It also adds to 11 if you were born in the 21st century.


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