But those didn’t count, see?

Just picked this up at The Conservative Lie, where interesting things are often found. He has more link rich info.

These are the 8 straight budgets with tremendous 50% spending hikes that Paul Ryan voted for.

FY 2000, H CON RES 68, 3/25/99,

FY 2001, H CON RES 290, 3/24/00,

FY 2002, H CON RES 83, 3/28/01,

FY 2003, H CON RES 353, 3/20/02,

FY 2004, H CON RES 95, 3/21/03,

FY 2005, H CON RES 393, 3/25/04,

FY 2006, H CON RES 95, 3/17/05,

FY 2007, H CON RES 376, 5/18/06

2 responses to “But those didn’t count, see?

  1. Jon Stewart had a great one last night… Paul Ryan as a Democrat! Talking about safety nets and helping the struggling etc…

    Other than that – I wonder if something’s bothering Stewart. He seems tired and feels “heavy” somehow.. and lately.. the rally.. 9/11 vote activism.. tuscon aftermath talk.. he’s not just a funny-man anymore. And not yet fifty – maybe he’ll change course in a few years.. His contract was expanded two-three years I think, but it seems like Colbert is enjoying his job a LOT more. And Stewart is indeed a deep thinker..


    • We think too much alike – I’ve been thinking about the same thing – what I think is that he’s not finding the world so funny any more. He doesn’t want to make ha-ha about stuff that truly distresses him and pretend it’s just all fodder for the joke machine.

      You say that he is a deep thinker and I totally agree – he asks penetrating questions and sometimes his guests don’t even get the question. He goes to the heart of things – his greatest skill.

      I’d like to see him move into the real thing – something more like a magazine with a few laughs.


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