State of the Media

As we news-junkies await the State of the Union, Matt Yglesias looks at the breathless coverage in the media of Rahm Emanuel’s ballot crisis in the Chicago mayoral ballot and notes:

“BREAKING THE NEWS: The basic phenomenon is nothing new, but the only thing preventing me from saying that the ratio of articles about Rahm Emannuel’s mayoral bid to information about Emannuel’s views on urban policy is almost infinite is my strong suspicion that the denominator is actually zero.”

He’s got that about right.

11 responses to “State of the Media

  1. Yup… except that most of the people out there in the citizenry have no clue about the math concept involved in division by zero.


  2. …or what a ratio is…


  3. Ric, you look like my first husband, if he wanted to look cool.


  4. OMG…your pix looked like my first husband and your blog could have been written by my son. Who knew there were 2 people on the planet who understand this stuff.


  5. Moe…
    I use the Coraline theme at Learnings and it just stopped coloring links too. I put them in bold for now but the theme seems to be the problem.


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