Treasured moments

A much-loved nephew, father of two, busy busy man,  blew in (and out) of town yesterday. I had dinner with he and his parents last night; we ate and talked for almost four hours. Hugged too.

I think he’s  looking good these days, don’t you?

5 responses to “Treasured moments

  1. These days? Gawd, he looks young. That must be him at 13. Nice looking chap. Very Irish looking.


    • That’s him at about nine – but of course that’s how I still see him no matter. He’s six foot tall and husky and I see htat kid!

      Hi Sam. How’d the move go?


  2. Oh, well I am openly gay for the first time and dealing the best I can with the slavery that the lies heap up on me.

    Ohio is COLD compared to Texas… I cannot hardly go out to smoke.



  3. Ms. Holland,

    Life is good when the younger generations of our families make us proud and they still want to visit us. In this age that is saying quite a lot.


    • It’s just the best when they make it down – they’ve been pretty good at that, but now they’ve all got young families and it’s getting harder.


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