Who needs citizens when we have Citizens’ United

Eric Cantor (R-Va) has a cool idea

I must admit I never saw this coming. But then why not? We might as well go the rest of the way in corporatizing our government, er,  I meant our elections.

House GOP moves to end public financing of campaigns

” . . .  the House will vote next week on legislation that would end public financing of presidential campaigns and national party conventions.

The program, which Congress enacted during the aftermath of Watergate, is funded via voluntary $3 contributions when taxpayers file their annual federal income taxes. . . . Eliminating the program all together would save taxpayers $520 million over ten years.” (oooohhhh, $52million a year! )

In the understatement of the year, the story concludes:

It’s unclear how eliminating the program will actually make a dent in the federal deficit, since taxpayers voluntarily contribute cash to the effort.”


12 responses to “Who needs citizens when we have Citizens’ United

  1. I don’t think the nuts understand what they are doing. The RNC is sinking. All the money goes to evil groups like American Crossroads.

    I used to be outraged by this situation, but I think it’s good.

    One one side, compassionate politicians financed by people.

    On the other, crazy nuts funded by evil corporations.

    I like the outcome on this…


    • Ahh, yes, American Crossroads, Mr. Rove’s fine organization. And one that’s no doubt beloved by today’s Supreme Court. It’s clearly better to be owned by billionaires than to pay taxes.

      Just refreshed my memory of AC at Wikipedia, which notes ‘nearly all of the group’s funding has come from American billionaires’:

      “According to Federal Election Commission, IRS reports, analysis by the independent Center for Responsive Politics and other sources, American Crossroads’ major contributors have included:
      Bob J. Perry, President of Perry Homes, Houston, Texas ($7 million)
      B. Wayne Hughes, founder of Public Storage Inc ($2.3 million)
      Trevor Rees-Jones, President and CEO of Chief Oil and Gas, ($2 million)
      Robert Rowling, CEO of TRT Holdings, ($1 million)
      Dixie Rice Agricultural Corporation ($1 million)
      Southwest Louisiana Land ($1 million)
      Jerry Perenchio Living Trust ($1 million)
      American Financial Group, ($400,000)
      In early 2010, it raised in excess of $9 million for its political activities.[18] In September 2010, the group announced that it had raised an additional $14 million within a 30-day period.[19] “


  2. I’d normally agree with this on principle, but as it currently stands, right-wing parties naturally draw more vested interests from the buisness community than do left wing parties, so it is difficult to see this as anything other than an open attack on the American Left.

    We had the same situation happen here about a year and a half back, and may have to deal with it again in the upcoming few months. However, our Conservatives still are in a minority position, and the opposition parties managed to stop it. Not sure how a determined GOP-dominated US Congress will be stopped, though…


    • Public financing has not been a great success here which provides ammo for those who want to shut it down. Obama, for instance, opted out of it. Kerry didn’t and he lost. Lesson learned.

      But, ineffective or not, it is at least a step in the direction of impeding the coming plutocracy. Repealing it is a firm step backward.

      We keep voting against our own best interests. Sinclair Lewis had it right when he said “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”


      • Public funding hasn’t really been a smashing success here either, but better to deal with a dysfunctional system that at least enables debate than give one faction a decidedly unfair advantage.

        “When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” Indeed.


        • Public funding doesn’t work as well as it should because doctors are treated like small businesses. They should be paid according to how many hours they work, not which tasks they did. We didn’t have the balls to ask them be normal employees like nurses, teachers and cops.


          • Absolutely. The AMA last century did a great job of elevating the profession to god-like status. Time for that to end. Hire them, salary them and pay them. Bonusus for great work? Sure. Incentives to earn more? Sure. That would also free them from the shackles of malpractice insurance, which would be borne by a larger system. The insurance companies would HATE it for multiple reasons.


          • I don’t see that happening. Even in a little State like Québec, they are too powerful. And our politicians too mediocre.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    ” Actually, all we need is the two years of a GOP House, and we’ll have liberal hegemony for a generation! ”

    Wishful thinking. The John Boehner regime will have to screw up royally to lose as much power as Ms. Nancy’s did. They may lose some seats as they take on issues that Democrats were too scared to address, like Social Security and Medicare.

    Which for all of your denial and your Party’s demagoging , are in real trouble.

    As the economy improves this year Boehner will receive at least as much credit as Obama. If it falters, he will not get as much blame.

    You keep misremembering the last 2 years. Democrats had great power and misused it. Obama is getting a pass, but it will be quite awhile before the jackasses rule the House again. They will struggle to hold the Senate in 2012.

    I love how your buddy BH is hammering our beloved President. He is totally misreading reality. Obama tried 2 years of left wing policies . Using the bully pulpit to gin up hatred for the rich and American companies. Wastefully spending money with little to show. It didn’t work. We told you so.

    Now that he has moved to the center, at least rhetorically, the economy and his numbers are inching up. But I truly hope that BH and the outer space left keep pulling the President their way. The more they succeed the surer I am that Sarah Palin, Mitch Daniels, or Tim Pawlenty will be elected President in 2012.

    Oh, but I digress. To get back on topic. You have really given your guy President Obama a pass on public financing. Like so many things our President promises, he broke his word and then raised more money than anyone from private sources, including rich guys, lobbyists, corporations, and other evil doers . You forgot, didn’t you ?


  4. [You have really given your guy President Obama a pass on public financing.] Ummm, how did I give him a pass? By saying he didn’t use it because he wanted to get elected? That’s a pass? Am I supposed to call him names?

    As for Ben beating on Obama – frankly, if you’ve been looking at all Alan, the left is beating on Obama big time. He hasn’t been coming through. I give him much more latitude than many because it’s in my nature to do that, but I am still deeply deeply disappointed by the failure to get the public option in health care. I don’t think he was tough enough and I think Harry Reid compromises too much. But I know you don’t beleive a word of that.


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