My blog-self is playing hide-and-seek

Sigh . . .

Sometimes the brain breaks. It will not allow focus for longer than ten minutes; gets the dishes done but wreaks hell with reading and paperwork.

Such is the state at present of that gray blob in my cranium. I am in the unbloggiest place I’ve been since launching this place. I suspect Tucson and the resulting navel-gazing is implicated.

Lackluster – an old word I haven’t heard in a bit, but relevant to this endeavor at present. I’m around. I’ll be posting. I will not feel inspiration or urgency – until I do. Not too long probably. The beat does go on.

6 responses to “My blog-self is playing hide-and-seek

  1. Oh well, hell, drink a lot of water and coffee – you’ll get that sense of urgency back pretty quick.


  2. A little sunshine and warmth will help also. Dreary, dreary day.


  3. Take a couple shots of tequila, Moe. That’ll get you back in the spirit. 🙂


  4. Self-medicating with chocolate works for me. Lots and lots of chocolate…


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