Oh, great timing

I think he thinks this is funny. What a careless man.

7 responses to “Oh, great timing

  1. scriptorobscura

    Is he kidding? No, sadly, I don’t think he is. More importatly, Who does he think he is? This strikes me as the height of blatant, mocking, in- your-face, smug insensitivity to the victims of the recent horror in Arizona.
    What a total sleazy slimy lying insensitive self-important disgusting brainless despicable neo-con propaganda-mouth scumbag he is (sorry about the string of insulting descriptive words, I just had to get them off my chest. As you can tell, I really abhor glenn beck…lol)
    Jon Stewart has mocked him many times recently, with hilarious effect. You might want to search Glenn Beck on the daily show’s website and watch some of the videos. They are funny 🙂


  2. Scriptorobscrua, ditto.


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