Huh? A Jewish fatwa.

Almost. Sometimes I think the whole damn world is running backward (like in that first Superman movie when the big guy reversed the earth’s rotation to get back to a time when he could save Lois Lane. Cuz she’d had a little accident and bitten the dust – and he had a bit of a crush on her).

There’s a nasty bit of 16th Century thinking in attitudes toward women among fundamentalist groups of all religions. We have become very familiar with its face in some Islamists.  It’s rampant right in our own country – and downright dogma with certain Christian groups (see ‘The Family’ or C-Street). And now I see this remarkable headline at Jonathan Turley‘s blog:

Leading Israeli Rabbi bans women from driving

The chief rabbi in the city of Holon, Avraham Yosef, has issued a religious decree banning women from driving — again bringing extremists in both Islam and Judaism to a mutually agreeable position with regard to women’s rights.


11 responses to “Huh? A Jewish fatwa.

  1. Not quite, I’ve yet to see and hear of any Jewish woman being sentanced to stoning or beatings by a religious Jewish court.


  2. scriptorobscura

    This is sad and disgusting and shocking all at the same time. I guess fundamentalists are all the same, no matter what religion. They just use different words and different names for the same things. Sad, that this is happening now, in the 21st century, in the year 2011. Sad that there are still people in the world that are like this. Really sad and sickening at the same time.
    Religions have more in common than they realize.


  3. I concur with scriptorobscura.

    But religions can have an uplifting effect as well.

    If I may quote Jean-Phillipe; “A religious mind can accept doubt. A fanatic mind can’t. Assuming there’s a mind to start with.” (LOL, he’s gonna kill me 😉 )


  4. Yeah, right, like that’s going to work…telling a Jewish woman she can’t drive??? Maybe I’m too much NY but they seem to be going backwards.


    • Of course they’re going backward. Just like those ‘Christians’. It’s really all about putting women back in the kitchen.

      And I shudder to think of any rabbi coming over from Israel telling you what you can and can’t do! He’d be running for his life!


  5. So lets put this in perspective!

    Since criticizing Israel is Anti-Semitism, it is Anti-Semitism to criticize on the Decrees of Israeli Rabbi.

    So anyone who criticizes this Rabbi’s decree is an Anti-Semite.

    Now, since irrational fear of Islam is the most rational thing to do, Islamophobes and Zionists can still criticize Saudi Arabia and its Culturally inspired ban on women to drive as Islamic.

    Thanks for posting this Moe!

    As for Beating is concerned it has already happened see both links below. So now we are just waiting for Stoning. Don’t wait for long its coming, after all Arabs and Jews are all Semites!




    • umer, you leave out Christians. I always find it interesting that all three religions grow out of one idea – Abraham’s monotheistic god. I’m sure there are hundreds of books on the subject – one of these days I need to get around to reading a few of them!


  6. again bringing extremists in both Islam and Judaism to a mutually agreeable position with regard to women’s rights.

    All the better, as your place is in kitchen, preferably barefoot, preferable pregnant.

    I’m completely surprised the religious are issue foolish edicts that is so out of character for the deluded.


  7. Personally, I like thid decree. I always hope that each overt declaration of the mysogyny intrinsic to the monotheistic religions will push some questioning women over the edge.

    Unfortunately, I am usually disappointed.


    • Here’s some reassurance then for you desertscope: the Catholic Church pushed me away as an adolescent when I identified and questioned thier mysogyny. I asked a priest why the Church hated women. I’ll not bother to describe his reaction.

      I left Catholicism behind then – sad to say the woman-hating is actually worse all these years later.


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