That was nice

Because I still don’t have a life, and because it’s still raining, I am still watching CSpan and the reading of the Constitution. I am loving this; let us make it a tradition.

From Selma to Congress

It was given to Rep. John Lewis to read the 13th Amendment, the abolition of slavery. This was clearly not random, was respectful, and was received the Congress with applause. (I expect the same with the reading of the 19th Amendment, women’s suffrage.)

UPDATE: It didn’t happen!

7 responses to “That was nice

  1. Maybe next year, Moe. 🙂 There’s always a lag between what the Blacks are given and what women are given.

    Hopefully this lag won’t be the 50 years it was for suffrage – or the 4 it will have been in 2012 for holding the Presidency (Palin!!!!).


    • Of course, ‘given’ really should be ‘taken back’ since at the beginning those rights were ‘taken’, women and blacks having by natural law those very rights.


      • I’ll go so far as “given back” in the case of the Blacks. They took little or nothing and we’re given / returned the “status” of human by the blood, sweat and tears of hundreds of thousands of White men who actually fought each other to decide their fate.

        Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamations (yes, plural) were an attempt to have it otherwise, but his intended slave revolt never happened…


        • So you don’t think that females are born with inherent rights? If you beleive that, you need to beleive that by the time of the writing of the Constitution, they had been ‘taken away’.


          • No; we failed to communicate due to my not referencing women in my reply.

            I gladly concede that ‘taken back’ aptly describes women’s suffrage. I only fail to concede that point – within the context of my earlier reply – in regards to the Blacks.


  2. It is amazing what does and does not happen. Who read the 19th Amendment?


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