Send in the clowns? No! Let there be music.

It’s raining here, which is lovely – a long rainy day in South Florida is a treat. So CSpan is on the teevee while I await the imminent reading of the US Constitution. It’s not a bad idea – I could imagine opening every Congress with such a reading – but as a sign of respect,  not as a rebuke as today’s stunt is meant to be.

Rep. Joe Wilson, that son of the Confederacy, was accorded the honor of giving the first one-minute speech of the new Congress. A clear message there – Obama lies. Cheap shot.

And now begins an uncertain two years – two years which I think will leave the insurgent tea partiers will their jaws hanging open.

We need music. And here is something remarkable – the 4th movement of Beethoven’s Fifth. Stay with it and let him lift your spirits with that baton.

8 responses to “Send in the clowns? No! Let there be music.

  1. Reading the constitution at the start of Congressional term is a great idea. It should remind our representatives why they are there. But this parade, with each congress person reading one line is a farce and a shame. Seems to me they are missing the point!


    • Why? To me, it feels right to share the reading. The charade is that they are reading a redacted version – you’ll not hear the 3/5th’s words.


  2. It’s the loss of continuity. Didn’t know they were abridging it. Might have been more compelling if Nancy and John shared the reading.


  3. Now Boehner is dismissing CBO numbers about cost of repealing health care.. funny thing, if/when US gets downgraded.. hard to dismiss that one..

    and that kid has some talent.. and a little tyrant in him 🙂


  4. Don’t remember..
    But it’s always the same.. some puppets make up things and dismiss facts to push their narrow short-term destructive corporate agenda..
    Just label CBO “liberal idiots”, and there’s that.


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