Mr. Weeps-A-Lot

Memories. It’s January 2009 and Nancy Pelosi is being installed as Speaker of the House. She smiles a lot, brings her 14 grandchildren to the speaker’s dais, uses the large gavel that was used when passing the Civil Rights Act in ’64 and calls the 111th Congress to order.

But she is a San Francisco liberal you know. So the Limbaugh-of-the-scorn and his wanna be’s, along with the Sean-of the outrages put their machines into gear. She is to be mocked. Too smiley! What’s that stunt with the kids? She talked about a milestone for women – playing the victim again: damn those women! And she’s pushing it with that gavel!

Forward to yesterday: John Boehner becomes speaker; he stands beside Pelosi and he cries – on camera, in front of the Congress. He took his even larger gavel and called the 112th congress into action. And the right wing noise machine saw a good thing. And they moved on.

Fair and balanced. As always.

3 responses to “Mr. Weeps-A-Lot

  1. Imagine what would happen if it was a male Democrat doing all the crying. These right-wing pundits would be having a field-day with it! Remember what happened when Hillary cried over something. They said she wasn’t fit for office because of that.


    • Ed Muskie lost the Demcratic nomination because he cried when his wife was slandered. Of course I remember the outrage over Hillary. They just keep getting away with it. Consistency be damned, there are dupes out there to be entertained!


  2. I’ve seen President Obama mocked for not throwing a baseball in as manly a fashion as the “the Decider” supposedly did.


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