Maybe he should leave the room when they read the Constitution today

We have a new chair of the Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon of California. Another real 21 Century kind of guy.

Last Congress, he didn’t like Obama’s reports on the war, so he wanted Petraeus to go over the head of the constitutional commander-in-chief and report directly. (Didn’t happen.)

 McKeon was also one of the voices who resisted the recent repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell . . . calling the push for repeal during the lame duck Congress an “affront to the military.” (Wrong.)

But the big news is that he appears to think these United States exist to be a secure place from which to launch Mormon missionary operations. (You could kind of call it ‘the base’, which, in Arabic I think,  translates into something like ‘al quaeda’.)

He says the very purpose of keeping America free, is so can go out and do this missionary work – which, at present, is converting heathens. (Being chairman of the House Armed Services Committee could fill a guy’s head with visions of dancing warriors.)

He told the assembly that many many years ago, this land was set aside by the Lord, and the battle to create a free US  began the fulfillment of  the prophecy.


You can start at 2:30 in or just skip all the way to 4:00 in to hear Rep. Buck McKeon explain it all at a campaign event on July 4, 2010.

Let’s hear that again in his own words: “Elder Ballard, a few years ago, visiting with the members of the Church in Washington in the Congress, said that it’s important that we always keep this land free, because it’s the cradle of the Church. It’s from here we send our missionaries around the world. We need to have freedom to do that.”

 He ended with:I pray we will always have this freedom in Jesus Christ amen.
Elections have consequences.  

2 responses to “Maybe he should leave the room when they read the Constitution today

  1. Buck, sounds like an appropriate kind of name.


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