We iz all grownups. Maybe?

There is a young man on CSpan right now talking about Social Security and retirements benefits. He is smart and hasn’t yet said a word I don’t agree with. His name is Andrew Bigg and he is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

Either I went through the looking glass overnight, or we Americans have more areas of agreement than our political/media culture would like us to notice. (Actually, AEI – top of the pile of the conservative thinktanks – also houses Norm Ornstein, whom I admire greatly.)

If the Heritage Foundation is the FOX News of thinktanks,  then AEI is perhaps The McLaughlin Group.

6 responses to “We iz all grownups. Maybe?

  1. He is smart and hasn’t yet said a word I don’t agree with.

    Do tell. What is his main gyst?


    • He talked about various ways to address SS reforms, talked a bit about history of SS reforms, state of the program etc. He was pretty knowledgeable, apparently had a high job in Bush Admin in SS. All too often, as you know, we hear people screech either “don’t dare touch it!” or “SS is broke and we’re all goinng to die!”. So it was nice to hear him.


  2. I’m not sure if it is still the case, but Ayaan Hirsi Ali was working for the AEI not too long ago.


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