The essential oldie

Auld Lang Syne – with thanks to the great Scot, Robert Burns (who would be stunned to find that, in this 21st century, an American empire ignored history and took soldiers and weapons to the ‘graveyard of empires’. To Afghanistan. And that today, this New Year’s Eve, is the 86th day of the tenth year of our apparent suicide.)

2 responses to “The essential oldie

  1. A decade in Afghanistan.. it could easily become two.. 2020, and still fighting the breeding ground while paying off talibanis and skimming the drug trade..


    • We’ll never get out of there. (and Iraq isn’t over yet – they could easily explode and end up with another strong man dictator.)

      Wonder what a billion a year would translate into if we split it up evenly by Afghan population and just passed it out?


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