Time for the silly season again. Clap your hands!

The MSM is once again embracing Christine O’Donnell as a news story because she, once again, is being investigated  for misuse of campaign funds. It’s a pretty old story; this is just a new chapter. But now – as if she were a remotely serious person about whom Americans should care one whit – here she is, back on all the morning teevee shows smiling and being sweet and saying that the Vice President of the United States and George Soros are out to get her.  I am not clear as to the reason – perhaps they think she’s too cute or something.

The woman has run for the Senate three times and doesn’t know the rules. The woman is just out having fun and doesn’t care about the rules and when Good Morning America calls, it’s like they’re asking her out and buying her an ice cream soda.

9 responses to “Time for the silly season again. Clap your hands!

  1. I’m more concerned she claims to base all her political decisions on a document she doesn’t know.


    • Actually jean-philippe, we probably don’t need to be concerned about her being elected to anything but she influences gullible people – who do vote. Most annoying.


      • Honestly, I can’t conceive that 47.9% of the country voted for Bush in 2000 (less than Gore) and that 50.7% of the country (this time, more than Kerry) decided to give him 4 more years.

        That’s about 120 million bad decisions. I can’t conceive that.

        What does the GOP need to do to disgust voters?


        • [What does the GOP need to do to disgust voters?] I ask myself the same question – they keep topping themselves and getting away with it. The big topic next year is going to be secession – watch for it.


          • Secession – you mean the 1860 attempt or the 2012 attempt?


          • A friend of mine from South Carolina says that – in polite society anyway – they call the 1860 civil war “the recent unpleasantness”. There’s a deep denial about what happened, who started it and why. For many in the South, it is not over.


          • If there’s a new secession, it’s the North that is going to leave, disgusted by all the inbred nuts.


  2. I’m bothered that they bother with her. Now she’s claiming that Biden and Soros are behind this. If I could I would muster my best Betty White voice, and say, “Dear, you really aren’t that important.” She isn’t but they take the easy story over the real ones out there.


    • [take the easy story over the real ones ]

      And right there Sherry is the heart of a serious problem. Too much media, too little actual reporting. And no attempt at ‘truth to power’.


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