Ms Moe’s pet peeves

“Thank you Bill, that’s a great question.” says this morning’s guest on CSpan’s Washington Journal, in response to a batshit dumb question.

Courtesy and manners are essential to a functioning society and I am a big fan of courtesy and manners. But treating Bill with excessive cordiality is simply not necessary. Courtesy in fact is contra-indicated.

So please either ignore him or answer his stupid question as best you can. Don’t thank the fool.

8 responses to “Ms Moe’s pet peeves

  1. Sounds like the folks a CSpan are aping the other cables. Why does no one ever challenge these dumbies that call in to whatever show? Do they have so few veiwers they daren’t offend ONE?


    • I think it’s a perversion of decorum. It seems to pop up iwth people in their 30’s and 40’s. You dont see Bob Woodward saying it to a caller.

      Also hate it when, after a reporter does their thing, the anchor says “thanks so much Mary for bringing that to our attention!” Excuse me? That’s Mary’s job. She didn’t ‘bring it to our attention’ out of the sheer goodness of her heart.


  2. I would disagree. There’s always a courteous way to annihilate the logic of a stupid question.


    • But of course, jean-philippe, you are correct. But there’s a stretch between a courteous reply and a compliment. When I said ‘excessive cordiality’ perhaps I should have said I see no reason to compliment the guy. And that is how my criticism could have been more accurately directed.


  3. Further on your “Thanks, Mary” issue: I find that when one talking head cuts to “our man at the state dept.” or whatever it is just a change of face. The story could just as easily be read by the anchor – no added value except a chance to see a different face and wardrobe.


    • Yup. I think the only ‘added value’ reporter working on the old “big three’ networks today is Richard Engle at NBC who’s lived in the middle east most of the last decade.


  4. I think this all began with the prima facie absurd claim that “there is no such thing as a stupid question.” Of course there is. Anyone who has ever taken a class alongside classmates who are clearly not ready for it has heard amazingly stupid questions.


    • Desertscope has a name! Hi marc. Right. Certainly we should tolerate such questions from young schoolchildren; we should encourage them. But once a person is assumed to have learned SOMETHING at least, that toleration should evaporate.


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