Eclipse tonight for Dorian’s birthday!

The remarkable congruence of a total lunar eclipse with the Winter Solstice occurs overnight tonight – actually early early early Tuesday a.m. where I am. At which point it will be Dorian’s birthday (Dorian was supposed to be a co-blogger here at the outset, but after a few posts he was distracted by something he calls a ‘job’. Whatever that is.)

Here are the times for anyone who’s interested in watching the once-in-456-year-event:

Partial eclipse starts:
Pacific 10:33 pm
Mountain 11:33 pm
Central 12:33 am
Eastern 1:33 am

Pacific 11:41 pm
Mountain 12:41 am
Central 1:41 am
Eastern 2:41 am

Total eclipse ends:
Pacific 12:53 am
Mountain 1:53 am
Central 2:53 am
Eastern 3:53 am

Partial eclipse ends:
Pacific 2:01 am
Mountain 3:01 am
Central 4:01 am
Eastern 5:01 am

And meantime, Happy Birthday buddy!

2 responses to “Eclipse tonight for Dorian’s birthday!

  1. I’ve managed to do the blog and job thing so far.


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