Christmas may now commence

The deed is done. With the help of now six-year old Logan and his mom and friends Ed and Steve, the tree at Moe’s house is raised, lighted and decorated. (I will admit that, much as it was last year, some ‘repositioning of ornatmentation’ (as a Pentagon bureaucrat might name the operation) did occur after Logan left.

Logan says "God bless us every one"

This year, Logan has other important things to do besides decorate my tree – like step onstage as Tiny Tim in this year’s production of A Christmas Carol! (If he doesn’t get too tall, he might get the part again next year.)

19 responses to “Christmas may now commence

  1. Looks gorgeous…tried calling, missed you…trying again. So tired from the cruise…will tell all when we talk.


  2. A lovely tree indeed. Trees always seem most authentic whent he fine hand of a child is involved. I see a nice mix of decorations suggesting many years of collecting. Have a great one Moe.


  3. What a lovely tree! I like the mirror and the artwork behind it too. And I dig that pink flamingo with the Santa hat! Merry Christmas, Moe!


  4. I can’t see the tropical ornament. It should be front and center – every year.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    Nice tree. I don’t have anything to do with the decorating of my tree. My job is to cut it down and tie it on the roof of the Kia Sportage. Not the easiest thing to do with cold hands and a dull bow saw.


    • Bow saw? Yikes. Up in CT, we elites would point to the tree and minions would scoot and do the cutting. And the tying onto the roof.

      Down here, I think I’m the last person I know who insists on a live (well, recently alive anyway) tree. I won’t give it up!


  6. Ms. Holland,

    If I didn’t buy the live trees they wouldn’t plant them and a lot of beautiful Pocono tree farms would become housing developments. Which we don’t need anymore of. This was the first year in decades that both kids were away when we got the tree. Generally it takes an hour of the three women arguing while I freeze to death as they pick the tree. This year it was about 20 minutes.

    At some point I will bow to old age and go fake tree, but not yet. After struggling to cut the tree and some oak boards, it occurred to me it was time to buy a new blade for the saw.


    • With a new blade you can have live trees till you’re a real geezer! And thanks for saving the Poconos from those housing developments, which would be full of Chinese dry wall anyway and probably end up foreclosed and abandoned!


  7. He’s the cutest Tiny Tim I’ve ever seen.


    • Yup. His mom was my assistant before I retired – and Logan was in my office at some point practically every day of his life and often for the hours after day care/school. I’m really happy that we three continue to hang together because I love that kid/


  8. Ms. Holland,

    Yes if it were not for us tree killers there would be no more trees. If it were not for us us deer hunters there would be no deer . I did not say deer killers because the hunting pretty much sucks thanks to our Lords and Masters the bureaucrats in Harrisburg, which is of course bankrupt. Anyway if not for us giving people reasons to set aside open land, this whole State would have been paved over for strip malls and Mansions for tax refugees from New York and New Jersey.

    Most of the McMansions were built before the Chinese flooded the market with their drywall. Individually they look nice, collectively they are eyesores. I suppose Florida is overbuilt too?


    • They use a phrase down here that makes my teeth hurt. Someone buys a lot with an older house on it which they call a ‘tear down’. They don’t even consider renovation or additions. they have to have those god awful enormous houses with big grand entrances and outside lights everywhere so every bloody person going by can see how grand their house is.

      I think of them as the residence equivalent of the Hummer that’s used to go to the Mall.


  9. Ms. Holland,

    We have tear downs here also. Even the McMansions many times are too big for their lots. There is hardly any ground around the homes. I was told that this is what today’s childless ” yuppie” couples want. No yard to take care of and as much interior space as possible. I’ve seen more than one become default multi family dwellings. Future slums.

    Right now if you had the money to be a land speculator, oh well I never will so I don’t know why I care. With so many of these palaces vacant, many are being mined for their copper if you get my drift. Copper water pipes command a decent price on the scrap market. Actually, even in our local smoke stack industry, a thief came up from south of here and tried to steal copper wire off of a steel tower. Unfortunately he did not check to see if the wire was dead. It wasn’t and he is.


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