It passed. Can Lt. Dan Choi have his job back please?

DADT is no longer the law of the land. It’s over. The Senate just decided that with 65 votes. About frackin’ time.

UPDATE: Just called a 68-year old friend and told him it was now safe to go back into the Army. (Though I’m guessing that Vietnam was enough for him. He did his part.)

6 responses to “It passed. Can Lt. Dan Choi have his job back please?

  1. I am letting out the seams of my uniform so I’ll be ready – again. As you say, it’s about time.


  2. Not over, not yet. That little bit in the law about the Pentagon and the President having to certify various things and after that a sixty day waiting period, while in the meantime the original DADT law remains in full effect. Oh definitely not over. The opportunities for delay and obfuscation are rife and rampant.


    • I disagree Ric about the final outcome. DADT must go away, that is now the law. The Marines can fiddle at the edges (or try to) for their service – what sort of things come under ‘certify’?


      • The military has to certify that they’ve done all the stuff they need to do to put the new policy in place. There are requirements in the law, as I understand it, for what they need to do.

        As for the final outcome, I don’t know what that’s going to be. Seventeen years ago the DADT law was passed. Now it’s undone. After all, we’re only a few votes, a few seats, and a Presidential election away from facing the undoing of major components of the social safety nets progressives made happen. Assuming DADT is permanently dead isn’t a safe bet. We’re treading close to the edge of witch hunt hysteria again, fomented by the Becks and Limbaughs and Bachmanns and Palins and the sociopaths in the Republican leadership. The only question is, I think, who will be the target, or targets.


        • I think DADT is a ‘genie out of the bottle’. You can’t put it back. While the majority of people didn’t follow this debate or even this issue, if they reneged in any way, that would be a whole different ball game and it would make people angry. Although it’s not generally be perceived as such, this is really a civil rights issue – people who haven’t been engaged up to now could very well become so.

          As for the foaming at the mouth reactionary right, well, damn but it’s going ot be an interesting new few years. Beck is transforming before our eyes into a messianic tv personality, Palin is going to implode till she’s a 2nd tier on the lecture circuit. Limbaugh though – he just goes on and on, doens’t he. And he’s the prototype for the rest of them. Maybe he can get caught up in another drug scandal – that would be cool


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