How very medival

The Vatican should probably seek some marketing advice. Really.

8 responses to “How very medival

  1. Off-point; you watching C-span1? Very good speeches – new voices – and this resistance is grave and nation-wide. We just can’t continue this way…


    • Actually no – I was watching last night’s Daily Show/Colber while making cookie dough! (first time actually – next time I’ll buy them)

      I think you, my friend, are in a deeply pessimistic place. I recognize that because I’m there with you – I am making myself step away as necessary.


  2. We shared schedule again – I watched DS/CR as well. Reeeally funny that Michael Steele puppet!

    And pessimistic – we’re not alone! Found this from chilizza fix:

    “Americans are deeply pessimistic about the state of the country and its future, according to a series of new national polls, a negativity that puts politicians in a difficult place as they try to woo voters and keep hold on office.

    In the new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll, 63 percent said the country was headed in the wrong direction, the highest number in President Obama’s term to date. A similar 67 percent said the country was headed off on the wrong track in a Washington Post/ABC News survey released earlier this week.”


    • Those ‘wrong direction’ numbers got to the 60% level during Bush II – for the first time ever. I expected to see that number go down after Bush was gone, but it’s still there. People know how profoundly fucked up things are.

      (Jon/Stephen just get better.)


  3. And “wrong direction” could mean so many things.. The president could still do a good job – making things “less” wrong direction. Sadly – that does not seem to be the case. (I’m TRYING to be optimistic – I really am!)

    And true about the boys. U know they are on top ratingwise – both for the late shows, but also for cable news and o’reilly in segment 20-50. More than a million each.


    • And unlike O’Reilly et al, they have a much bigger online audience, not to mention how every extra funny clip goes absolutely viral. How many millions is that I wonder?


  4. OK! I got my eye candy for the day! 😛


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