We were all Fair Game

Convicted criminal Scooter Libby with his boss, Dick Cheney

Saw Fair Game yesterday, the current movie about the outing of  the CIA’s Valerie Plame by the Bush White House, done to punish her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson for speaking truth to power –  it was a classic drama in real time and a worthy movie subject.

But. It would have been a much better movie without Sean Penn and it would have been a much more honest movie had it not borrowed so freely from All The President’s Men. Penn was a problem – I thought – because his personal involvement with left-wing causes spilled over into the Wilson character.

It’s always good to be reminded of some of the more sordid moments in our history. Especially given – as we’ve since learned – how deeply Plame was involved in counter-terrorism at the time that the White House ‘outed’ her. How petty the retribution against Wilson was – had they understood any history, they would have known that the best way to minimize damage from  Wilson’s revelations would have been to ignore them. But they let their lesser natures rule and did far more damage to their cause than Wilson’s op-ed ever could have. Silly and petty people.

And the thing they were protecting wasn’t information; they were protecting their own lies.

And so we’re still in Iraq. And of course we’re still in Afghanistan where today is the 70th day of the tenth year of that war.

9 responses to “We were all Fair Game

  1. Ms. Holland,

    Even among liberal publications it has been admitted that the movie was not accurate. I can’t remember exactly what I read but the part about Plame’s over sea’s contacts was not true.


  2. It’s well established that Valerie Plame wasn’t covert at the time, so how could she have been outed? She wasn’t wearing a disguise or anything. And she wasn’t overseas, so she couldn’t have been covert. So she wasn’t outed since she wasn’t covert at the time.

    I believe that’s the twisted logic of the right-wingers. 🙂


    • Actually I think it went that she was actually physically at the CIA sometimes and anyone seen walking into that building can’t possibly be covert since all our enemies can see her walking into work. Or something.


  3. Alan – I’ve read a number of books by people who are not Valerie Plame – people who worked within the CIA and in counter terrorism – she was the real thing and her effectiveness ended on that day. Liberal schmiberal – a CIA operative was taken down by petty political infighters. Nasty and criminal, as indicated by the serious crimes Libby was convicted of. (Don’t forget Bush refused to pardon him even when Cheney begged.)


  4. I’m with you on Penn (haven’t seen it yet). Famous actors do too many movies. This kind of movies would have been perfect with nobodies, instead of the “Penn and Watts pissed at the GOP” performance.

    If it was up to me, actors would be allowed to do a movie every 5 years. Meanwhile, get a life, grow tomatoes, whatever…


    • Ha! You’re funny! The problem with Penn is that his own activist left persona spills over into the character of Wilson and – for me anyway – overwhelms it. I never saw Joe Wilson, only saw Sean Penn

      You’re right – a no name (there are gajillions of gifted actors out there) would not be in the way of the role.


      • I never see the character… It’s always “oh Tom Cruise is a spy, AGAIN”, “oh it’s Leonardo DiCaprio and he still haven’t shaved”, “oh De Niro is making another comedy”…

        Acting is like politics. You should do your best and then get a real job instead of staying there because of the money.


        • And yet there are so many who do inhabit the character – how about Tom Hanks? Or all those fine fine British actors – like Helen Mirren or Alan Cummings (why are Brits such good actors I wonder?)


          • Right. Most good actors don’t play themselves but work hard to build a character. I’ve been blown away by Kate Winslet in the reader.

            It’s not that Brits are good, it’s that a lot of American actors are lazy and full of themselves… 😉


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