Comment spam anyone?

I’ve got a mailbox full of comments on a single post – all one sentence, all look legitimate. But they’re spam. Started last night – I also had dozens in my spam filter at wordpress which I deleted, but these made it through – and they’re still coming.

Anyone else experiencing this?

UPDATE: Via Emma and Auntbethany, I find that I’m on WordPress’ Front Page today. Or this hour. Or these ten minutes. It’s definitely cool though a fleeting honor. That probably explains the onslaught of comments, so perhaps it’s temporary. But then, it appears a dozen or so have subscribed here. If it doesn’t slow down I’ll have to contact my blog host. Tootin’ my own horn here; someone’s got to do it.

UPDATE 2: Dear Elvis! There are 142 comments waiting in my spam filter at this moment. I’m headed off shortly – I almost dread what I’ll return to. Have a feeling I’ll definitely be contacting WordPress today.

20 responses to “Comment spam anyone?

  1. Not me, sorry you got stink bombed!


  2. Not getting the spam myself. Contact WordPress – Akismet, should be filtering out the spam. I think because you have been featured your blog is getting more attention but spam shouldn’t be an issue – contact wordpress, ask them and check your spam akismet programme


    • Will do – just went to FP and saw that indeed, I was featured. I imagine the spam will die down as soon as 200,000 replacement blogs are chosen to be featured!


  3. I’m not taking any chances against spam – I’m as boring as I possibly can on my blog.


  4. You’re still on the front page! Congrats!


  5. Might have something to do with being on the front page, but sometimes a site will get barraged with spam comments for a week or two.


  6. I wonder if some of the spam could have come from compromised Gawker accounts. You might nothave heard but those with accounts to comments on those blogs have been asked to change their passwords as many of the accounts have been compromised, the passwords were stolen. Spammers might use the same passwords and id on WordPress and many folks may use the same ID and password on both sites I suspect.


    • I have noticed a few bloggers in the last few days complaining that they had to change all their passwords cuz of Gawker. My own deluge is over now and it was definitely because of being on WP’s Freshly Pressed page. Like Andy Warhol said, everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame. That was mine.


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