Richard Holbrooke and Scotty

I just heard that Ambassador Richard Holbrook has died. You can read all about him pretty much anywhere – one of the giants in contemporary American foreign policy. It’s a big loss for all of us.

But it’s a particular loss for my nephew (in-law) – a bright, enthusiastic, gifted young man who works at the State Department where his beat is Afghanistan / Pakistan. And where Richard Holbrooke mentored him from the beginning.  He’s  traveled to Af/Pak, met some of the people I can only read about, and actually knows some people whose books I read! An accomplished kid of whom we’re all proud.

Tomorrow, Scotty is to become a father for the second time. But tonight, he has lost a friend. That’s a lot at once when you’re young. So I’ll be thinking of Scotty tonight.

TUESDAY UPDATE:  Happy to report that Scott and my neice have just become the proud parents of Charlotte – 20 inches, 7 pounds, black hair (black hair??? they’ve are, respectively, blond and redheaded!) All is well with the world.

47 responses to “Richard Holbrooke and Scotty

  1. A lovely tribute. So glad you shared this. Thank you.


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  4. Best wishes to Scotty witnessing life’s circle. He was lucky to learn from the Raging Bull.


  5. Scotty’s fortunate to have known as accomplished a man as Richard Holbrook. And to have married so well….


  6. We all share Scotty’s loss with the loss of Ambassador Holbrooke.




  7. Scotty is very, very fortunate to have known Richard Holbrook. I have absolutely no doubt about the fact that he was a great mentor.


  8. i am very happy. he is died.


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  10. newauthoronamazon

    People may go but they still live on in memories and their teachings will always linger in the minds they influenced.



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  12. What a very wonderful tribute.


  13. The death of Richard Holbrooke? 🙂


  14. It seems some members of the Westboro Baptist crowd are reading your blog. And for at least one, English is a second language.


  15. Very nice tribute…congrats on being FP!


  16. nice, concise tribute to a sad passing…but you also kind of provided a bright light for the future.


  17. So sad about Mr. Holbrooke–a loss for your nephew–but congratulations to him on his second child–
    And congrats to you on being freshly pressed!
    Happy Holidays from Haiti,


  18. It is hard to lose a mentor but his example will live forever inside of Scotty. Congrats on being freshly pressed!


  19. Very poignant time for your family, loss of a mentor and a new baby. Beautiful post.


  20. Freshly Pressed! Way to go, Moe!


  21. My family lost a longtime friend this year also. My condolences.


  22. Loved your post and laughed hard at your porn statistics! Thoughts are with Scotty…you are a good uncle to have.

    Congrats on being FP.


  23. Ah – the circle…. congratulations to you – it’s late – and my mind is tired – but does that make you a great aunt?

    And I cracked up on your thread about the Freshly Pressed thing – TOOO funny! I spent most of the day sort of wondering about it all and am finally settling in to feeling pretty giddy (although the Rod Serlingesque quality continues).

    So nice to meet you and congratulations!


    • That would be great-aunt Kris – and this is the ninth time. It’s great except for the fact that the kids live all over the country and I only see three of them on a regular basis. Still cool though.

      Like you I had no idea what was going on yesterday till a few commenters ‘splained to me.

      I think we shall continue to visit back and forth – nice to meet you too.


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  25. compositordemente

    for those who want to share and understand the word of God Greetings and Blessings


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