A real filibuster. Right now.

I’ve been off-grid, off-line almost all of today – got home a short while ago and, as I do, checked the news by scanning the news channels. I landed on CSPAN2 and am staying there. Bernie Sanders is filibustering the tax bill. The cryon says he began at 10:25 a.m. today – almost eight hours.

I cannot remember the last time there was an actual filibuster in the US Senate.

UPDATE: Politico has a story up dated 4:04pm, almost an hour and a half ago. They were apparently among the 12,000 people trying to access the Senate’s video servers at the same time – the servers crashed. I don’t understand why their story isn’t being updated. Wonder how long Bernie will go on?

I just checked and the last real filibuster appears to have been in 1986 – SEn. Al D’Amato of NY went for 15 hours. The longest in modern history was by Strom Thurmond. He went for 24 hours trying to stop the 1957 Civil Rights Act.  He read the phone book.

Bernie is still on subject – reading constituent letters right now.

3 responses to “A real filibuster. Right now.

  1. Why is this one old guy doing this all by himself?


    • Them’s the filibuster rules. This is historic – 24 years since there’s been one. He’s still at it – heading into his tenth hour but I don’t htink he’s going for a record. He’ll stop when he’s had enough.

      Bet Mitch McConnell is p-i-s-s-e-d !


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