Well, at least we had Woodstock

I wish there had been Facebook when I was younger. Just read through last few days and there’s so much affection, so much humor, so much fun dirty talk. I’d like to participate at that level, but it’s entirely inappropriate for someone my age, so I pretty much stick with comments, gentle ones at that.

But it would have suited me very well back when.

14 responses to “Well, at least we had Woodstock

  1. Honey you can talk dirty anytime you like with me.


  2. Right! Call me… 👿


  3. What should I call you?


  4. Moe why is it snowing on your blog?


  5. Different theme I would imagine, is that something you turned on?


  6. Ok, it’s snowing in my blog now.


  7. I, for one, am glad there were no intertoobs when I was a young lad. I would probably be a morbidly obese diabetic social misfit with serious hygiene problems. Not to denigrate the internet generation, but I’m not sure I could have controlled myself. As it stands, I am a reasonably fit social misfit, but I think I have the whole hygiene thing under control. That is to say no one has said anything to me about it…


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