Meet the cyber citizen

As of today, Wikileaks is being mirrored on over 1550 sites worldwide. The numbers are still growing. Meanwhile, thousands of hackers have jumped in to punish those companies who seem to be bowing before Joe Lieberman.

This is more than drama. It’s a harbinger of some unknown thing to come. Something new is happening; segments of society that haven’t tried to move anything before are flexing their muscles and they like how it feels.

This episode is introducing something into our lives that will remain – the cyber citizen has arrived I think.

10 responses to “Meet the cyber citizen

  1. Indeed, good observation Moe.


  2. Tremble! He’s sixteen and hormonal.


  3. Off-point
    You’re watching Bernie, Moe? He just started his 6th hour speaking about inequality and a crumbling nation.. Brilliant.


  4. It was momentous. A life’s work – right on the spot.

    And it keeps running through my mind over and over…
    more.. more.. more…. are we nuts… this is insane…


  5. …meanwhile.. the “president” walks out on the country – in the midst of a national crises! have to go everybody – see ya! this ole’ fella will take care of you.. *smile*


  6. Bill must have loved taking the podium once again.


  7. Haha – are you trying to say his flag was raised?


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