Another of Moe’s pet peeves

This is the second time I’ve posted a pet peeve and it is once again about language. I was just listening to CNN – something I usually avoid as I do all morning TV – and they were reporting a story about police getting ready to blow up a residence that was full of bombs. The reader reported that “they’ll blow up this home . . . ” Ouch.

When I grew up and for the centuries before then, a building where families or single people resided  (or even intended for that purpose) was a ‘house’ . In it, said people made a ‘home’. We understood ‘home’ to be pretty much where Mommy and Daddy lived – in thier house.

In the 1980’s, as residential real estate agents moved from being service providers to being masters of the universe, ‘home’ became the more marketable concept. It especially had cachet for those who’d never owned a house before.

And so today, one word has completely replaced the other and – I believe – lost meaning in the process; it’s become cheap. ‘Home’ is no longer ‘where the heart is’; it’s just  a building. Usually for sale.

13 responses to “Another of Moe’s pet peeves

  1. I share your peevishnes.


  2. I dunno… ‘House is where the heart is’ just has such a… a… oh, bah and hell. I used to think that the true phrase was ‘Home is where the tension is’. But then I’m just heartless.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    I would debate you on this but, I am not grasping your point. You are mad about home replacing house or you believe Real Estate people suck more than they used to?


  4. And of course you know my peeve with “passed away” burying “died” and all its variations. Apparantly for some a euphemism makes it less final but you’re still dead.


  5. This is an interesting observation. A lot of new terminology has been coined for marketting and political purposes, not all of it for the better!


  6. Ed,

    You may still be dead but your family and friends ain’t. It’s like funerals. They ain’t for the dead. You just left a big hole in everyone’s life by passing away. Kind words, funerals are for those trying to close that wound. Since you can’t know what will upset loved ones using the term ‘passing away’ is a small way of playing safe.

    Ms. Holland,

    I suppose that because I bought my last ” House ” back in 1984 and have not personally dealt with Realtors since, it does not have any emotional baggage for me. Besides, most Real Estate people have had a pretty rough last 3-4 years. I saw that ” House ” you mentioned being burned on television. Seems a bit extreme, but it’s their call.

    It’s funny, when I bought my first ” House ” in 1977 the bank made me jump through hoops even though I put 40% down. During the housing boom you didn’t have to verify your income or put any money down. We have almost come full circle.


    • That burn – house with explosives – seems they figured it was the only way they could safely detonate all of it. They planned an extra hot fire, built barriers to protect the neighborhood and lit the match. A very technical undertaking.

      By the way, we won’t “come full circle’ till you have to put down 40% again. (I did the same 16 years ago.)


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