Such short memories

While commenters here and pundits everywhere bluster about how Obama’s policies are to blame for today’s unemployment and debt – not to mention the world wide financial crisis that was well under way by the time he took office, I feel compelled to re-post a few old favorites.

Here’s a little history lesson re the debt. Periods of debt (as a percentage of GDP) increases are seen in grey.

This chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics is number of jobs lost, which of course – cumulatively – is the basis for unemployment figures. (Jan ’08 to Nov ’09)

4 responses to “Such short memories

  1. thanks for posting this though I doubt it will change anyones mind about anything. the goal is to blame Obama and make him look bad, even at the expense of the American people.

    Happy Holidays, Moe!


    • Jingle bells back at ya’ Gurl.

      When Obama was elected, we were all so looking forward to a ‘new day’. Then when he appointed Sumner and Geithner, many people I know just groaned and said ‘oh no. same old, same old.’ And I thought, no!, it’s not like that. He’s too smart.

      We’ll see. He’s my guy and I still want him to pull the rabbit out of the hat!

      This blame game though, is making it very very hard – the damn media talks as though the world came into being in January 2009!


  2. Thanks for posting this again. I remember the first time I learned this. WTF?? Then things fell into place…


  3. datgirl,

    ” the goal is to blame Obama and make him look bad, ”

    Everything bad that happens while he is President is his fault. Just ask George W. Bush.


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