I haz a sad

Thrasybulus (what a wonderful 18th century nom de plume!)at conscience of a progressive  is not happy with a president about whom he was very enthusiastic  not long ago. He speaks for many of us, although, in comments, I disagreed with the ‘messianic’ part. What I see is a failure of leadership and a failure to trust the core principles of progressivism, of liberalism, of the Democratic Party – name it what you will, our president isn’t delivering.

8 responses to “I haz a sad

  1. The Center Square

    Here’s my amendment: He IS delivering. But he is also squandering (has squandered?) away the chance to be the once in several generations who truly sets a people on a new course. He is as much a victim of expectations as high as I have put forth here as much as he is of any failure to deliver.

    Maybe more John the Baptist than the messiah. That’s a little bit of heretical whimsy there *lol*.


    • Actually, I guess that’s right. The great disappointment is that it doesn’t FEEL like anything’s happening. The language of change, the future – it’s gone. I think history will call him “the Pragmatist President”.


    • His strategy seems to be along the lines of ‘I’ll sell out the big things to get a handful of little things done.’ The flaw in that ointment is that people see the big sellout but not the collection of bits and pieces that might in themselves be good. Especially when the expectations were, as you note, so high.


  2. I’m absolutely furious at him right now, but I can also see that there is some sense in what he is doing at the moment. Unfortunately, a good part of the reason he (and the country) is in this position is because he has failed to challenge the Republicans from the very beginning when their intransigence and their Neanderthal politics were clear. He let them bitch slap him time after time, coming back for more of the same time after time, when he should have crucified them in the public marketplace (it wouldn’t have hurt to actually crucify a few of them). He seems to think, according to today’s news conference, that he’s got the next two years to work on them and get the rich people off our backs by rescinding their tax cuts. But now he’s seen as a weak president who refuses to fight for good principles, he’ll be going up against larger Republican numbers in Congress, and the Republicans are better at messaging than the Democrats are (in large part because they appeal to fear and count on ignorance). So the prospects for making the rich pay a fair share are frankly quite dim.

    [My apologies to the real Neanderthals, who were by all accounts smarter and more civilized and more compassionate than any scum of Republicans. (A ‘scum’ of Republicans is analogous to collections such as a murder of crows, a herd of cows, a gaggle of geese.) But their general public reputation as dimwits is useful in making such comparisons. Sorry, dudes.]


  3. The Center Square

    He also failed to bitch-slap the Democrats. That’s just a crucial piece of governing, and he hasn’t done it. Dissonance in the party ranks is a root cause of Obama hitting the wall.


  4. Ric,

    ” Unfortunately, a good part of the reason he (and the country) is in this position is because he has failed to challenge the Republicans from the very beginning when their intransigence and their Neanderthal politics were clear. ”

    Like all left wingers you totally fail to grasp reality. Reality is this. Obama and the Democrats are in trouble because unemployment has been at 9+ % for 19 months. That is it. Simple. To blame Republicans for obstructing you people is a fantasy in your own mind. If only they had obstructed.

    Congressional Democrats paid with their political lives for their no growth politics and policies. A light bulb just went on in Obama’s head that he must get unemployment down or else . He just did the first Presidential economic act of his term. He made a deal to put certainty in tax policy.

    Next year things will begin to improve and his chances of reelection will go up dramatically. Interestingly your hero did not make this decision soon enough to save his buddies in the House.

    Obama made a calculation that next year you Progressives will forgive him and kiss and make up. After all, where are you going to go?You guys are hemming and hawing right now. It’s all for show. You don’t have a choice. When Republicans attack him next year on the rest of his policies you guys will run back to save him.


  5. Goodbye, Alan.


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