Hello god, this is Florida calling

And if you don’t mind, that artic air mass is a tad too far south.

7 responses to “Hello god, this is Florida calling

  1. Ms. Holland,

    You have my sympathy. I have been fruitlessly hunting the elusive white tail here in Penns Woods and it’s been really cold. Slightly below normal temperatures, but a brutal wind chill.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    You know I just have to get this in. Somewhere in the mathematical models this unusually cold weather is entirely consistent with the theory of climate change. That is what I hear whenever I point out events such as these. In fact we never had freak cold snaps before Al Gore was born again.


    • Something I’ve never understood – how the hell did this become a political issue? When we decided – based on increasingly exact science – that Pluto really wasn’t a planet, I don’t recall the right getting their underwear all in a knot.


  3. Ms. Holland,

    How is your orange crop down in Florida? Isn’t this cold snap a threat ? Will I be paying more for my morning juice ?


    • In my part of the state, citrus needs some cold weather before it peaks. The cold this year is a little early, but the fruit is pretty hardy by now and should be okay. It needs the cold to sweeten. The threat has been to other crops – strawberries etc. And – again, here in SW FL – we’re okay so far. The farmers set their fire pots out and pull the covers over ground crops .

      One thing they do – for citrus too if necessary – is hose everything down to create a layer of thin ice around the fruit that protects it.

      I think you can enjoy your OJ this year. (I get mine from the backyard along with Ruby Red grapefruit. Eat your heart out!)


  4. Ms. Holland,

    ” (I get mine from the backyard along with Ruby Red grapefruit. Eat your heart out!) ”

    No way.


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