Meet the man who would be chairman

Let’s have a big WhateverWorks Hi! to  Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA), in the running to be chair of the Science and Technology Committee in the frackin’ 145th Congress of the United States.  Here he’s questioning a geosciences professor from Penn State, who is way, way too polite and respectful. (I say that because I believe we are actually obliged to call a fool a fool when matters of public policy are at stake.)

Note: Rohrbacher isn’t big on evolution either, except as it “fits within the teachings of my Christian faith.” Dear elvis!

No need to listen to the answers (which aren’t well articulated anyway); Rohrbacher’s questions are just embarrassing (for us).

h/t greenman – I subscribe to his youtube channel where wonderful things pop up.

7 responses to “Meet the man who would be chairman

  1. Whoa. A christian, theistic, neo-conservative jew. What is going on with this country?!?!


  2. My corrections. He is german…I was flippen out there for a minute…


  3. I have just had my fill of fucking stupidity from our so-called leaders and idiot legislators. I can’t watch this shit anymore, not for more than a couple of minutes. Not just this one with the fathead from California, but all of them. Seeing two more years of this crap, intensified because the idiots who voted put more of these clowns into office, just makes me want to shoot myself several dozen times, every goddam day. (Not that I’d give them the satisfaction…)


  4. “Rep. Dana Rohrbacher (R-CA), in the running to be chair of the Science and Technology Committee”

    Well that figures, I mean all his questions make a lot of sense to the senseless…to the ignorant, to the mindless non thinking – to those who read without learning, listen without questioning, and speak without reasoning.


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