From Russia with methane

Here’s another climate change video from the BBC re the loss of permafrost in the Russian Arctic. The result is catastrophic as entire industries – factories, housing etc – were built on the permafrost and it’s now turning into bogland. This will make the buildings unstable and uninhabitable.

As the permafrost becomes bog, it’s releasing methane – far more dangerous to the climate than mere carbon dioxide. Methane is the gas that scientists fear the most and the gas that was identified as the trigger for the ‘tipping point’ in Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

13 responses to “From Russia with methane

  1. Oh my goodness! The announcer said the massive melt is caused by global climate change! Far out – a genuine public admission of cause and effect.

    And the scientist guy said ‘It’s too late’.

    Amazing! Two truths about global warming in one itty bitty newscast. British, of course. It’s not likely you’ll find anything so definitive on an American newscast. Might offend a sponsor or something.


  2. Ms. Holland,

    So with all of that Methane coming out of the Ruskie bogs, just when do you think Global Warming might kick into high gear?? I think Europe could use a break this week.

    If you read the whole article, they mention natural gas supplies, electricity from nuclear power. For some unknown reason there is absolutely no mention of anybody ramping up the ole windmills or solar farms to meet the increased demand for energy from the unexpected ‘ cold snap ‘. Now I know the Europeans have invested a great deal of money in green solutions. Maybe they are holding them in reserve for the Global Warming heat waves of summer.

    I can tell you this, Europe is heavily dependent on Russian natural gas. If the Russians decide to use this cold snap to screw with their Socialist brethren in the rest of Europe, all of the greenies there will pray for some Global Warming.


    • Alan, you would drag out that old canardd! It’s snowing in Europe – colder than ever – so where’s global warming???

      Global warming is, um, GLOBAL. Temperature measurements are taken across the planet as ANNUAL averages. Weather is not climate.

      To answer your question anyway, the melting permafrost IS global warming in high gear.

      I’m not sure what your point is about natural gas and windmills and how that relates to the subject.


  3. Sorry about the link screw up. I read the whole article no problem earlier. Now they won’t let you. Damn Rupert Murdoch.


  4. And we thought Russia would destroy the world with nukes… Nope… Russian and Canadian armageddon-tundra-melt…


  5. Ms. Holland,

    What would be really useful would be for someone to see how often the melting Russian tundra has melted and refrozen, in say the last 40,000 years. That it is warmer than 60 years ago or whenever they put all of those facilities on the frozen Russian tundra is really not relevant.

    ” Global warming is, um, GLOBAL. Temperature measurements are taken across the planet as ANNUAL averages. Weather is not climate. ”

    Exactly, you just proved my point. That the tundra is melting under warmer weather is not ” Climate “.

    Oh, by the way, yesterday the price per gallon of gasoline in my little town jumped 15 cents in one day. Is that good news or bad news ? Good news. in that it is now more expensive to melt the ice caps. Bad news, in that the little people Obama cares about will have less money from their unemployment checks to buy Christmas presents for their kids. Good news, the Obama-Bernanke plan to debase our currency is right on target, everything will cost more. Bad news, the ‘evil’ oil companies are getting richer.

    You know if you guys cared about reducing the use of global warming oil in the country, you would tell your hero Barry to stop pushing his worthless Chevy Volt and the over priced Hybrids and tell the EPA to allow more diesel cars in from Europe. It is one of the things that the Europeans are actually doing right. Those things get much higher fuel mileage than gasoline cars. And unlike all of this green stuff Democrats always push, the technology really works well.


  6. Must be conforting to the oil lobby to see such asshats volunteering for their cause.


  7. And the nuke lobby. And the natural gas lobby. And the Wall St. lobby. And especially the coal lobby, cause black is beautiful. Actually any color , but green .


    • [ any color , but green ] That’s just over the edge nonsense. So I will assume you are for keeping all the lights on, all the time? No matter what your mother told you growing up?


  8. Ms. Holland,

    ” So I will assume you are for keeping all the lights on, all the time? No matter what your mother told you growing up? ”

    You absolutely could not be more wrong. As you know, I couldn’t care less about the ice caps. However, I would betcha that in personal practice my carbon foot print is so small that YOU would be proud of me. Since all energy bills come out of my paycheck, I am the one who goes around the house turning off lights, turning down the heat and air conditioning. I walk to work and drive a little 2 door that gets anywhere from 30 to 42.5 mpg, depending how far I want to coast it down the hills. Isn’t that funny as hell ?


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