Are the banks the real reason?

Two facts. Wikileaks is down – no server at present since Amazon axed them (although they’ll likely find another). And Julian Assange is a sexual pervert* being chased by Interpol (are sexual crimes their beat?)

Scott Ritter

(And by the way, does anyone remember Scott Ritter being branded a pedophile after he spoke out about no WMD in Iraq?)

It’s curious to me that all this happened not when he dumped the war documents or when he got the diplomatic documents out into the public – this is all happening in advance of the leak about a ‘major US bank’.

* The of sexual assault charge isn’t new and I honestly don’t know what the charge is or how solid it is. What IS new is Interpol jumping in.

11 responses to “Are the banks the real reason?

  1. Interesting how the real heroes get smeared with sex crime charges and innuendo while the criminal s.o.b.s never answer the charges and questions that the Ritters and the Assanges bring up.


  2. This is America. I can state the obvious if I want to. Especially since it appears that so many people miss the obvious. Never hurts to keep pounding them with it. 🙂


  3. The first thought I had when I heard about this was, in fact, “Scott Ritter?” Of course, we should be careful not to confuse the admirable Mr. Ritter with Mr. Assange. Right or wrong, there is something icky about that guy. Regardless, that it is not tin-foil hat territory to wonder about the charges against Assange is sad beyond words. Nearly as sad as the news about Leslie Nielsen.


  4. Can’t speak to icky, only to the fact that the man has guts and intelligence, two qualities sorely lacking in various places in American leadership these days. (One can spot referents sitting in Congress. They’re the ones wearing tin foil hats.)


  5. I thought the GOP nuts only try to get perverts impeached, not convicted…


  6. I’m pretty agnostic about Assange himself – is he an anarchist? a truthteller? a whistle blower? a seeker of truth and justice? I do beleive that he beleives in what he’s doing and sees a moral element to it.

    But I am very interested in why he’s been sought so aggressively this time. The latest leaks were not nearly as relevatory as the early ones. So why now?

    Which brought me to the banks – his announced next target. I am reminded of Elliot Spitzer. As NY Atty Gen, he went after the banks and Wall Street – big time. When he was elected gov, he promised to continue the fight – and that’s when the news of his fondness for prostitutes hit the papers. His personal pecadillos had been pretty well known in NY political and media circles prior to that – or at least rumored. But when he had to be stopped, the story broke and he had to resign. And he did and took his crusade down with him. Just sayin’.


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