The screamers on the Ed Show on MSNBC tonight were doing their DADT act.  And the screamer on the right said “Our military is no place to begin social experiments. That’s not the right place.”

Tell that to President Harry S. Truman.

21 responses to “Unchallenged

  1. I think it’s fair to say the military is not leading the way any way. Obviously homosexuality isn’t the stigma it was when I was a kid.


  2. I have a very specific and vivid experiment I’d love to try on the screamer in question. I can’t tell you what it is.


  3. The Other Steve

    Oh, no. . .it’s not floaters in my eyes. . .it’s the Holiday Season snowfall on Whatever Works. Seasons greetings.


  4. Diversion:
    Did you know the S. in Harry S. Truman actually doesn’t mean anything? It was a compromise/gesture to his two grandfathers Anderson Shipp Truman and Solomon Young..


  5. I vote for snow. My climat is cooler than yours, but snow is still a rarity. Usually are winters are more soggy than snow bound. There are notable exceptions however, an arctic express comes through every 5-10 years and we get temps in the teens at night and a day or two of snow on the ground, more than florida, but not Chicago either. I like some snow, even of the virtual kind.


  6. *sigh* The current Lame Duck session of Congress is displaying a lot of bluster and little achievement.

    And in other news, dog bites man. Again.


  7. I think you meant Pope John-Paul the I by the way. He was followed by John-Paul II was pope for almost 30 years.


    • Whoops, you’re right. That was an astonishingly fishy event. They had him embalmed within 24 hours, which was contrary to all Vatican tradition. As Eliza Doolittle said “In my opinion, they done him in.”


  8. The Center Square

    Well said. And, as if this is the beginning of anything, anyway. You know the military — always ten steps ahead of the societal curve *lol*.


  9. The Center Square

    I feel badly for John McCain. The maverick is totally gone. He colored outside the orthodoxy lines for years and years, and finally got savagely rebuffed by the Republican establishment. These days, he’s like Randle McMurphy — you know… at the end. They got to him.


    • Watching him yesterday, I saw a barely concealed rage. They say he’s always had a scary temper – maybe as he gets older he just can’t gloss it over anymore.


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