No more either/or. Neither/nor.

A fine post at Middle of The Freakin’ Road. He says:

“So back to reality . . . at this rate the future of this country is bleak indeed; so to argue which group should get the benefit of continuing tax cuts that were ill-conceived from the get go is absurd.”

He says we should let ALL the tax cuts expire. I can be down with that.

UPDATE: Here’s another post from the EconomistMom who agrees that this is the proper way forward:

She says the proposals of the two sides really boil down to:

  So the Administration and Congress are debating over whether we should commit to over $2 trillion, versus closer to $3 trillion, in deficit-financed Bush tax cuts . . . [if only] policymakers could consider doing at least the “non-crazy” thing with the Bush tax cuts and stop proposing that any of them be permanently extended.  Instead of frantically trying to “decouple” the high-end Bush tax cuts from the “middle-class” ones, we should be thinking about the best way to eventually “decouple” ourselves from all of them.

6 responses to “No more either/or. Neither/nor.

  1. I agree, Moe. Let them all expire. But the Rich ARE paying more taxes now than before, and that is thanks to that long abbreviated tax cut of Bush’s first term. *I’m lazy*


  2. Also, I never, ever asked…What do you think of the “flat tax”, or whatever they call it? As someone who believes in social equality, I think you probably hate it, but I just was wondering about how you think it would work if it was applied for everyone – except those who make more than 100,o00? Then let the fluctuations in income taxes start, and start heavy and hard. I do not know a lot about this type of thing *as you can probably tell from my 2 posts*, I just know I think the rich should be bled dry.


    • I honestly don’t know how I feel about the flat tax. What I do beleive is that our current tax code is outmoded and needs to be tossed and we need an entire new code. Like you, I beleive in a progressive income tax, so that part would have to be part of anything new.


  3. Thanks, Moe. I agree. I do not really know about the flat tax, either. But, when I hear some bloggers *the loud elf, for one* call for a flat tax for EVERYONE, even if you are a millionaire – this is just absurd.


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