I forgot it’s my birthday

. . .  until I opened my email and the facebook messages were there (more bithday wishes than I’ve had since I turned 16 – reason #422 ‘why I like facebook’.)

Look at this rare birthday recording from the Beatles – posted by neice Kate! Everyone over 50 should save this one.

10 responses to “I forgot it’s my birthday

  1. Well, Moe. Happy Birthday! I am hoping that you are doing well. You should bake yourself a big ole’ cake. Down here in Texas, we have a very big hispanic population – on my birthday I always eat a mexican cake called the “Tres Leches”. Very popular cake down here. You should try it, sometime. Anyway, have a happy birthday, Moe.


  2. Happy belated birthday, Moe! (My favorite cake is anything loaded with chocolate—the gift of the gods.) Hope it was a good one!


  3. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages


  4. Ms. Holland,

    A belated happy birthday. I always disliked birthday cake. At a certain point, growing up, I convinced my mother to serve me birthday pie. A blueberry or cherry pie with candles actually gets eaten.


    • Perhaps Alan you’re not aware of the secret of birthday cake – it must be allowed to age. I find three to four days is just perfect; time enough for the frosting to harden. It’s a more interesting treat!

      I do however congratulate you on managing to get your mother to go to birthday pie!


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